I finished Jessica Jones last night.

I know I'm watching them a little out of order, but I haven't seen the last season of any of the other Netflix MCU stories yet, but I'm still a little maudlin about seeing the final ep of the Netflix MCU dynasty.

@rizzn Jessica Jones has always been a train wreck of a show. Each damn season is a train wreck. At points I wonder if the people writing had any fucking idea of what they were doing or just didn't cared about the story and just about the production of the show and to appease the actors. It is no doubt the worst show in the Marverl Kinghts Netflix line up.


@AvatarX I enjoyed season 3. It felt like it mattered in a way the other two didn't.

@rizzn My problem like always in these cases Is having known the actual original character of Jessica Jones well. The way they setup and execute the stories In the show is incredibly stupid. I am not knocking on the actresses. They did great with the crap they gave them.

@rizzn In the case of the Marvel Knights Netflix shows. The quality never ever got to be as high as the one of Daredevil season one. And what is more frustrating is the sneak peek of where they were going to go with Iron Fist and Luke Cage on their second seasons endings actually looked interesting. Defenders was another disaster as it should had been 3x better than it was.

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