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In other words, lawyers ruin everything, and I want nothing to do with them, whether they work for the government or not.

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Honestly, the new SEC rules are easy to pick apart.

I won't, though. I showed up a lawyer on securities law during a panel in 2018, and he made it his life's mission to screw me over using the legal system in 2019.

I learned my lesson.

RT Until there are competent definitions I don’t think anyone should answer that. Is it property? Is it currency? Is it speech? Are CC payments virtual currency? How do you prove I have the keys?

Can’t allow the case to take over my life. But the careful thought of triggered these thoughts this morning.

It's even more telling than anonymized social data. Value transfers are a signal of intent, and market values of goods and services are easy to determine.

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Every crypto activity use case has a certain footprint. If you are at this long enough, you can look at transaction history and get a sense of what they're up to.

Doctor Bitcoin goes to . At NerdVana cafe, at

Almost all the jobs on my CV that were in Dallas list Dallas, TX as the town, except when I worked at Nokia, which has it's Dallas headquarters in Los Colinas.

I list Los Colinas because of that one line from Office Space. It's a little nerd easter egg.

If anyone has a right to be mad at Harry and Meghan it's the people of Sussex, who have been left leaderless without their Duke and who are now defenseless against incursions from Hampshire and Kent.

Superman murders cigarette salesman

editor: this better not be like last time

kafka: it's a coming of age story

editor: ok

kafka: about a boy who's changed, but his family won’t accept him

editor: i'm listening

kafka: because he's changed into a bug

editor: there we go

kafka: like a real big fuckin bug

It seems like there are a lot of experts on Y2K on Twitter recently who were actual toddlers during Y2K.

Got "OK, boomer'ed" by a millennial economic analyst who relies primarily on wikipedia, ther morning of my 41st birthday.

"I CaN't BeLieVe ThIs SitE iS FreE!"

2020 is the year of higher standards. Turned down two lucrative offers due to ethical concerns about folks associated with the company.

Using the interview process as a way to qualify employers and opportunities feels refreshing, and I've dodged bullets in the process.

This sounds like it'll break Twitter.
RT @CaseyNewton
Twitter says you’ll have the option to receive replies *only from people you follow.* Could solve a lot of abuse and harassment issues in one fell swoop

Spotted a VC being horny on main this morning.

I just joined! You can sign up here:

A maybe unpopular opinion: a primary function of the executive branch is to come up with situations that instigate prolonged undeclared wars.

When I was a teenager, I spent a month in state jail for mostly non-moving traffic violations. My cellmates included a prison escapee, the son of an East Texas grand wizard, and a dude named Cooter. I watched nearly the complete run of Voltron on Cartoon Network.
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Tell me a story about yourself the sounds like a lie but is absolutely true.

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