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My phone has started autocorrecting "thanks" to "thanos" and I think i'm going to stop fixing it.

RSVP for next month now open!
Come network and socialize with the most robust blockchain community in Texas.

Ask Dr. Bitcoin (ADB) Live is the face-to-face counterpart to the famous online video series Ask Dr. Bitcoin!

breakfast; jalapeno cheese omelette, bacon anne's almond milk.


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If you ever wanted to see what it looks like when smart people who are mostly uninformed and to o lazy to RTFA look like, check out this Hacker News thread on GRIN, something you should definitely RTFA about.

Ever since I started working with AI, I've made a lot of stuff conversationally capable. This will be a new one for me.

The Government may have banned BTC in India, but $200k USD equivalent was traded in last 24hrs in INR for a total of ~ 32 BTC on LBC alone.

"You can regulate your Country out of Bitcoin, but you cannot regulate Bitcoin out of your Country" --aantonp.

No need of patreon. Get your tips directly from the content you share.
Total Content Freedom.
Put your content on the blockchain and earn rewards on each views.

2/ As with many things related to , Hal grokked its significance immediately.

That sneaky bastard sent a FAX(!!!) to the companies HR department to send the salary to a new account from now on. Happened 3 months ago. HR did it because it had his sig, employee #, etc. A fax is a valid official document even if the sender is not identified (opposed to email)

Got asked me what I’m excited to see at . It’s definitely since that’s what I ❤️, but I’m also interested in 👀 the on the floor & in private demos. Here’s a video of FR being used to check into a hotel from my visit to .

Trend alert: the silicon valley trend hoppers who have been pumping crypto the last few years are all taking about VR (not AR) now.

Adjust your buzzword bingo cards accordingly.

We had 69 packages today for UPS and I'm the only one who said "nice" I fucking hate this place

POTENTIAL MEDIA OPP: do you have product at the show you want featured on a VEGAS TV segment tomorrow?

@ or DM me ASAP.

You should join me tomorrow.

I'm doing a clinic on how to launch an ERC20. Also, we're gonna have some really great presenters and a panel at the end. It'll be fun!

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#BlockRiot is the home of the blockchain in the fediverse. #cryptotwitter is exiting stage left. is great for the Maximalists. The rest of us can land here!