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If "bitcoin fixes this" was an accurate universal axiom, the EVM would not exist.

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I need something like Calendly but it that allows me to take deposits without risking having my account shut down for violating CC TOS.

Fiat on client end, bitcoin on my end would be cool..

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has completed compensation interviews with @GravityDAO and @pactDAO. These first two conversations have been incredibly informative and exciting. If you are a DAO and would like to do a short 15-25 minute compensation interview with us, send us a DM.

It's coming.
How long until we are called “extremist” for wanting to self custody our Bitcoin in “unhosted wallets” ?

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It’s not every day you see this at Madison Square Garden @TheGarden. Thank you @rogerwaters. @wikileaks

Imagine caring what a politician said just because he used a gel filter on his back lighting.

You people are weird as hell.

Me: in middle school I wrote a report on the complete history of the USPS in Smith County, Texas that wound up getting acquired by the historical society.

Rhen: We get it, you have autism.

Fantastic news, my friend!
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Judge granted motion to terminate supervised release: this is the 1st time I’m free from any form of prison or probation since I was 18.. so get ready cuz it’s on 🔥🏴 big thx to @BradThomsonNoP at @PeoplesLawChi for freeing me from those ridic conditions!

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ppl keep asking i don’t buy nfts on solana maybe i should but i met w/ head solana ppl early on to potentially do a thing & they were very friendly but then had to shut down the blockchain for the first time & i made fun of them on twitter & that was the end of that haha

Crap, I may change my position on custodial wallets.
RT @WatcherGuru sues a woman in Australia after accidentally refunding her $10 million instead of a $100.

Do not. You want to live in a world where you still like John Oliver. I speak from experience.
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oh no John Oliver did a segment on a topic that I actually know a lot of technical information about. do I dare to watch

This will be posted unironically to reddit, facebook, and your favorite non-crypto discord as an example of NFT insanity.
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My 5yo daughter is a huge Snoop and Eminem fan. After seeing their Apes at the VMAs she asked if one day she could join the BAYC.

I was saving this money for her college but I think owning a piece of The Metaverse will create more opportunities in the long run

Meet her new ape

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