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there's a dan povenmire doppelganger sitting in the row ahead of me.

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Not sure what their making but I know it for @FreeRossDAO. Looking forward to seeing what they 🖌️ .

And what to see the VR part @onwevr is doing.

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If the guy is so against @BoredApeYC, why did he sell all his friends fake Bored Ape profile pics? 🙋‍♂️

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If you're at , please go check this out. All of the absurd stuff and partying is fun - but it's good to do something that legitimately makes a difference. This can and should be one of those things. 💯


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last night @ the @V01Dhaus event, a Black woman was sexually assaulted. on Juneteenth, no less.

in solidarity, I won’t be attending anymore NFT NYC events.


It's research by a known practical joker and perpetrator of hoaxes.
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YouTuber reveals even more Bored Ape Nazi imagery

Super cool how PNC put a fraud alert on my card when I was trying to pay for coffee at the airport, but their department to take the fraud alert off is closed in observance of Juneteenth, which was yesterday.

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🕊️ gm 🕊️

We mint our genesis nft collection TOMORROW

We open our first VR installation representing the works and words of @RealRossU TODAY

All we do is build to help around here


End political imprisonment in so called democracies.
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BREAKING: UK Home Secretary approves extradition of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to the US where he would face a 175 year sentence - A dark day for Press freedom and for British democracy
The decision will be appealed

I'm begging the people of cryptotwitter: learn the difference between bad idea and ponzi scheme.

Not everything is a ponzi if you don't like it.

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Satoshi said yes it's impossible, but I'm going to solve the impossible, and let's see if it works.

Today, bitcoin maxis won't even look at solutions to an impossible. "it's impossible, u scammer fraud shitcoiner"

these bitcoiner influencers today are the no-coiners of 2010

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What explains journalists who keep writing the “crypto is dead” headline after 12 years of that thesis being totally experimentally incorrect?

It’s not like the fundamentals of crypto have depreciated in that time frame.

The most concise explanation I can think of is malice.

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3/ "Every day when you wake up, you're dealt a set of cards. Now, you can't choose what cards you're going to be dealt. Sometimes they're good and it's easy to play. Sometimes that aren't. But you can still choose how to play them and you should continue to play."

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Putting humans in prison for life is fucking barbaric. And honestly pointless.

The price doesn't matter to me. I was here when it cost $11. I was here when it cost $60k. I avidly use bitcoin and web3 at both price points.

This technology kills fascism.

If you're not on board for that, reevaluate your priorities.

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🚫 I'm not in crypto for the money.
🚫 I'm not in it for the tech.
✅ I'm in it for the politics.

Self sovereignty and financial freedom is a pre-requisite for freedom of speech, which is one of the most essential and universally agreed upon fundamental rights.

in absolute ecstasy.
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crypto haters absolutely euphoric right now, dunking

- economy is headed for recession/depression
- mortgages unserviceable
- global energy/food crisis
- 60/40 portfolio ruined
- sovereign debt crisis
- inflation rampant
- consumer confidence ATL

and they're celebrating

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