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Somehow, my NFTs have retained value better than any other part of my portfolio (relative to USD).

Holy shit.

That's the ball game, I guess.
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The Terra blockchain was officially halted at a block height of 7603700.

Terra validators have decided to halt the Terra chain to prevent governance attacks following severe $LUNA inflation and a significantly reduced cost of attack.

Luna is now the value it was when my buddy told me to buy in to it when i ignored his advice.

This feels more like the pandemic crash than the gox crash.

That's the hopium I'm smoking tonight, anyway.

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BREAKING: 🇨🇳 Shanghai High People’s Court has declared is a legal virtual property protected under Chinese law.

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Time for some hopium.
We have been in 30k-60k range for 1.5yrs now. But the first time we were at 30k (Dec 2020) BTC was overbought (weekly RSI ~90). Second time at 30k (Jul 2021) BTC market was neutral (RSI ~50). Now at 30k BTC is oversold like peak covid fear Mar 2020 (RSI 34).

Every retail buyer I know started DCA'ing their reserve fiat in to ETH and BTC this week.

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We just lost a $40 billion asset and it wasn't "too big to fail" so our overlords can pound sand on the "DeFi is a systemic risk to the financial system" garbage.

I'll take a ruthless, anti-fragile system over a "safe" "well-regulated" one any day of the week.

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What DAOs do you know of that are coordinating a fleet of 30 trucks to provide humanitarian aid?

This week on Campfire, @cryptodrftng shared how @Ukraine_DAO’s deeply personal coordination efforts go way beyond what typical charitable fundraising can accomplish.

If you're a ETH or BTC maxi, I really don't need your opinion on any of this Terra Luna stuff.

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@punk4156 @Cryptopathic yes, we get rugged by politicians that have been doxxed for decades and have an extremely questionable track record

meanwhile, the most legit bitcoin era was when the project was launched and guided by an anon

the issue definitely isn't anons

It's unsurprising when those being disrupted chafe at the disruption.

If you've earned your bonafides in the art world, seeing that disintermediated will be annoying the same way it is to folks who paid student loans off are towards loan forgiveness.
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What do real artists think of NFTs?

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Can we appreciate for a minute that one of the largest financial institutions just waded into Bitcoin to blow up a dumb project and pocket $1b profit. No regulator coming to wag a finger. They will become addicted to the taste of unapologetic free markets. Welcome to Bitcoin.

I wrote this thread while you were sleeping last night if you want something to read not about Luna.
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I do love the NFT space so much more than crypto sometimes.

A top 10 coin dropped like a rock, and pulled bitcoin itself down $5k from an alleged attack by Citadel Finance...

And NFT is consumed with drama around one project leader's weak resume.

Absolute blinders on!

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Every Single Law is backed up by force.

Stop saying “there should be a law” unless you’re willing to take someone’s life over it, because ultimately you may be doing just that.

Remember, Eric Garner? He was selling loose cigarettes.

Lots of fun drama in the super secret rizzn telegram tonight.

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Unbelievably, these are the @SECGov charges against @LBRYcom. That it has used all profits to support the community & development of the network. That is what they are being charged. Meanwhile, the founders of Ethereum were talking on video about which islands they wanted to buy

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I don't know who needs to hear this but it's generally a bad idea to put people in charge of regulating things they don't understand 1/100th as well as twitter anons

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