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I can't play wordle, I'm barely hanging on to my tweeter friends by a thread, I can't add anything else boring and repetitive to my feed.

I've got a collection of letters like these.
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If you invest in, or build, bleeding edge tech companies on , expect those accounts to be shut down by legacy banks like @BankofAmerica

It's easy to say this is anticompetitive behavior from a threatened web2 company, but it's more likely a coordinated inauthentic report-mob activity by eco-activists, since the topic being discussed on the channel at the time was one of their rallying points.
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@YouTube JUST DELETED @BitcoinMagazine !!!!

Where was that chart I saw a week or two ago where hedge funds were all losing to $spy?
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I have just released the full trading report on politicians in 2021.

In short, many beat the market.

They traded more than ever before.

And they made numerous unusually timed trades, resulting in huge gains.

Read it here:

Is @looksrare another web2 play with web3 user authentication, like OS?

Or are they substantially different in their approach to decentralization?

Don't tell my crypto friends, but I was hoping for a longer bear market so it would shake out all these dopes who discovered blockchain last month and have decided to tell me how it's literally Hitler.

A good price drop lets those folks declare victory and walk away.

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Used to think the Metaverse was a gimmick so decided to check out what the Gen Zs are actually into.

Now I’m dressed up as an anime schoolgirl on VRchat arguing with some teenager dressed as a giant Kermit about who’s the best spiderman.

Personal new low

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We shouldn’t be having to do this.

We are not the only household having this gross conversation:

Who is disabled? Whose work requires a positive test? Who will be forced to return to work in 5 days? How many tests are there? Can we afford more tests? Are there any to buy?

Powell: "We probably remain in an era of very low interest rates."

Get ready to rip.

I still can't get over the fact that a supposedly respected political pundit (Dave Troy) thinks you're antisemetic if you publish art as an NFT, because deflationary currency something something Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

In this issue: personal life updates, and the last three weeks of news I've been too busy to tell!

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daily reminder that @ParisHilton has been into NFTs longer than most people and is still #1 on the @ethleaderboard

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[youth pastor voice] wordle? you know whose WORD 'LL change your life?


For those who haven't played, it's not MCU, and afaik, it's not exactly 616, but it is a ton of fun, has a robust storyline, and draws you in quickly to the character dynamics. I sincerely hope they have sequels plan.

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