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I'm pondering putting out for physical sculptures I'm working on, which are mostly geek-culture 3D printed items for my next series.

Would anyone be interested in something like that?

I'm starting to get random OpenSea offers on some of my @abovewongart NFTs.

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They call it “Brown Friday”

Today a reminder that perspective matters. It’s easy to loose sight of the important stuff, to be envious of others. Rather than enjoy what you have in front of you

*today is the busiest day of the year for plumbers…they call it “brown Friday”

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hits new all-time high against the Turkish Lira as inflation rises above 20%.

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@campuscodi I add commas to my password to fsck with CSV file it will eventually be dumped into after a breach.

We're workshopping a pitch on an CG animated movie where literally all the characters are voiced by Kevin Hart and The Rock.

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The Thanksgiving table discourse is mostly about how many animated animals are being voiced by Kevin Hart right now.

Art NFT Twitter is 10x better than Politics Twitter.

My timeline is like 30% interesting and beautiful art now.

That website you "own" is just a virtual computer in a room owned by a large corporation.

That Fortnite skin you just bought is just a boolean value in Epic's database.

Digital constructs, deconstructed, sound nonsensical. That isn't a valid argument against them.

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"You're just the owner of a link to a website" is the criticism cool guy computer science students use to criticize NFTs.

Did you know that owning a domain name is really just a line in a text file on someone else's computer?

Are all real estate agents scuzzy, or did I get get lucky with mine?

I thought I came up with something when I used the word griftfluencer in this editorial, but ...

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I'm going to try to write about this at greater length for today's newsletter.

The more I re-read this twitter thread, the more obvious it is to me that Dave is a a grifter-apologist for entrenched interests. The bad faith arguments and twists of logic in this thread... 🤯

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