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Fun fact: Every utility in Texas can accommodate overlapping service dates when you move, except AT&T.

Every time I call customer service for anywhere, they're experiencing "unusually high call volume."

At what point does it become "expected, just ignored?"

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MyPOV: Pls RT Inside the economy
are the digital experiences and worlds
provide the AI dynamic governance models
/ tech power value exchange
is the underlying infrastructure that guarantees privacy, ownership, and consent

It really seems like there's a new class of influencer grifter out there... concern trolls who want to "protect you" from managing your own financial decisions.

Funny how they always seem to side with entrenched power structures.

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A LOT of my friends follow this guy.

Everything he's saying is out-of-context, historically. His argument giving up your freedom will make you free.

It's Orwellian NewSpeak.

This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not be fooled.
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Yesterday I outlined the fact that Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Putin, and oil/gas interests are seeking to replace the dollar as the reserve currency and undermine the US and EU administrative s…

A joke, but everything has a carbon footprint, and only those who believe everything they read on buzzfeed believe the "blockchain is killing the planet" lie.
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i ran numbers. turns out every hand painted traditional art canvas releases as much carbon a 489 NFT mints, 87 dex trades, and 2 poorly executed ohm forks!

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If y’all only knew how much art is just sitting on our computers because it’s “just not quit right”

I was informed this evening that even though we were under contract, the buyer may be backing out (probably financing related).

If you have 5.113 BTC, I may have a house in Texas for you.
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Sold my house for 5.113 BTC. Lower than I wanted, but a good day for it.

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Side note: Bitcoin funded this adventure.

I mined 150 coins - 3 blocks - early on and when Bitcoin pumped in 2013 my peers used their holdings to fund startups.

I funded my rescue effort.

I got a better ROI.

Saying something like this about DFW was what got me blacklisted from Dallas Startup Week back in 2018 to present. 🤷‍♂️
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Here in PDX, the local journals don't really cover , or even nominate us for biz awards even though I've helped generate literally millions of dollars over the last six months... and there are people generating even more than that in the space living here


It couldn't be more tragic irony if it tried: the CEO of a multinational centralized TradFi interest beat out an ad hoc, semi-anon, democratic DAO to own a piece of US history.
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So it’s @KenGriffinCit beating @constitutionaldao

When you were young, how old did you expect you'd live to be?

Did you imagine you'd die young, or live forever?

Replaced my S9 today, and it's now in a continual Update -> Reboot cycle as it applies three years of security updates.

So LA County (People v. OJ Simpson) and Kenosha Wisconsin (State of Wisconsin vs Kyle Rittenhouse) are two of the nations "Purge" zones where murder is legal now?

The rest of this series (until I loop back around, at least) are going to be panels like these that may feature artwork from previous releases of mine.
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I just listed “Executive Order 6102 2.0” for sale on @withFND! 🌐

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