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I got about two paragraphs into reading about "Bad Art Friend" before I realized it was not something I cared about.

just remembered that time jwz blocked me on twitter for saying that content management systems weren't for pussies.

Another thing that probably should have been a sign was how she would lord over me her Masters in medieval studies.

I think that's probably how I lost the "work hard play hard" argument - I just didn't know enough because I didn't have a Masters.

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So a long time ago, I dated a girl and I mentioned early on in the relationship that I wasn't a fan of the saying "work hard, play hard."

It became a major argument, which should have been a sign.

Why did none of you tell me about @RussianDoll?

This shit is great.

What's up with my @imperfect_foods delivery this month?

I got a giant cardboard box with two pears in it.

I've seen 3rd Eye Blind in concert, and never really paid attention to what this song's about.

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@WilliamBibbiani @BJMendelson Yabba Dana Don’t get me started

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When we were very young, we convinced ourselves AT&T (Ma Bell) was some kind of evil entity. This was a way to justify phreaking and hacking their equipment and networks.

As we got older we realized that they were just another corporation and not actually... Wait. What is this.

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@Snowden Ever spat out your morning coffee? My first time was July 22 of this year, when I read a @nytimes opinion piece by a Dr. Prasad. "They're dialing down our accounts again, we should go to Wal-Mart soon"..

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End of the day, probably the best thing an NFT project (with large amounts of capital) can do is buy up their own floor on NFTX and also stake liquidity

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The decision for the USPS to slow down deliveries - while not only charging the same or more but ALSO during a global logistical supply chain quagmire, is so on-brand AF for the Post Office.

Mark my words: NFT projects will rue the day that issuing an ERC-20 became a thing.

It's one thing to have an ERC-20 to fractionalize ownership.

It's quite another to *issue* a token for your project.

Don't believe me? ask 2018 how that went for us in crypto.

Who's rhetoric are you using as a substitute for actual learning?

I bought one of those rugged Evolved Apes because the art is actually kinda neat, and it seemed like a bargain, comparatively speaking.

Just finished watching an Indian sci-fi movie about reincarnation. It was pretty great, actually.

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Translation: some dork staffer who went to a middling undergrad, has a fake-o Ivy League M.A. and wouldn't know the difference between a checksum and a Pop-Tart is trying to get a policy portfolio.

Pound sand.

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