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I love the pre-roll ad on YouTube that tells me how effective pre-roll ads on Hulu are.

I like political comedy, but only when it is actually funny.

A lot of what the late nite guys do now is just cracking up at their own bits consisting mostly of reading headlines and saying "Really?"

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Kinda looking like the US is going to regulate itself out of being a super power, huh?

Why ETH only?

I don't want to go thru the hassle of setting up 10,000 chains... keep in mind, I'm a blockchain tech guy, so even if the setup is easy, for me to want to use it, I have to research whether or not I think the chain architecture has staying power.

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Why do I like 1/1's?

They're more collectible. This isn't universal - there are some applications for 1155's, like ebooks or (audio) sample packs, but for most things, a 721 is better.

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Why do I like them in their own collection?

It makes fractionalization that much easier on all the platforms (Having your collection on an OpenSea or Rarible contract will prevent any fractionalization at all with some platforms like @NFTX_).

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I'm most interested in NFTs that are:

1) Minted in their own collection.
2) Are 1/1's.
3) Are on ETH or a linked chain to ETH (like Polygon).

If something is good enough, I *may* go thru the effort of trying to get it if they don't fit that criteria, but probably not.

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John Mulaney looks exactly like Hugo Weaving. The Discourses have been United. Which brings us at last to the moment of truth, wherein the fundamental flaw is ultimately expressed, and the anomaly revealed as both beginning, and end.

While Texas is integrating Bitcoin into its state constitution, the Federal government makes steps to create law preventing P2P trading, even making it felonious. This is the new "cannabis issue" of the 21st century.

When I was a toddler, my fam moved from Tampa to Texas. After the move, I have a memory of watching a game, a rare time when the Bucs played the Boys.

I remember saying "Go Bucs!"

My dad replied: "We live in Texas now, we can root for a winning team."

Times change!

My lunch meeting just tried to sell me on golf as "it'll be nearly as fulfilling as your relationship with your children."

Dude, I don't have time for another kid. If I did, I'd probably have another kid.

By the way, these NFTs are tokens that buy you a lifetime subscription to my paid newsletter, a license that doesn't expire if you sell it, and is conveyed to subsequent owners.

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Breaking: Mayor Francis Suarez: "Go out there and elect the next president of the United States to be a pro- president." @FrancisSuarez

So all you nocoiners who just read a Bloomberg article and made up your mind that @brian_armstrong is some kinda dingus who doesn't understand securities, maybe you should look at what you really want here, and making demands of your government that actually reflect that.

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... but while Coinbase played ball for six months with the SEC, hundreds of billions of dollars passed through the smart contracts of anon decentralized lending projects.

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This is particularly important in FinTech as it release to crypto. This is a sector built by anarchists and cypherpunks. Their first instinct is to flip centralized power the bird, go anon, and just build.

They're lucky that Coinbase and CashApp aren't anon and are playing ball.

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