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He doesn't have much time left on this planet, after all. All I have to do to mend the relationship is just apologize for all the perceived slights and my supposed immorality.

Maybe I should. I miss my dad.

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So I stare at this email and stop myself from typing all the things I actually want to say, and wonder why it is my dad and I can't get along, why I'm not good enough for him to love how I am (despite him attesting that I am), and whether I'm the asshole for not sucking it up.

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He's as stubborn as I am. He'll mark a line in the sand on how I or my wife ought to change (usually because God or something). It's invasive and insulting. I'll demand an apology, and he'll refuse. After a few years he'll forget what the feud was over and wonder why I'm distant.

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I love my dad. He was a pretty good parent. I didn't want for anything. In my teenage years, our relationship became strained.

In my adulthood, time has been marked by cycles of reconciliation, relative tranquility, and surprise passing of judgments against me (or the family).

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Currently: Staring at an email forward from my somewhat estranged 77-year-old father encouraging me to tell Biden I'm against the "LGBT" agenda.

It came out of the blue. We haven't spoken in three years, except for his random religious and political forwards.

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No, The USA government didn't hacked the private key of a Bitcoin Wallet. It is all FUD. Unsurprisingly.

Honestly, was set to attend the whole Inside conference thing this week, but decided to ditch it after @Jason's unhinged rant against bitcoiners this week.

No upside for rationality with that at the helm.

Not enough credit is given to the volunteer crisis PR wing of cryptotwitter.

(not that this exactly viral or anything, but for those who click thru after retweeting, I've done a bit of writing on Elon's ulterior motives previously).

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doesn't enable ransomware.

Security vulnerabilities enable ransomware.

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Why are the people attacking so ignorant? Where did all the smart ones go?

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was NOT hacked
No bitcoin wallet was hacked, nor is even known to be possible. Ransom hackers used a rented cloud server. FBI got a subpoena and took control of it and recovered coins. That's it.

Haven't seen this many shitcoin pitches coming to my inbox since 2017.

The village elder went to face the dragon.
"Will you give me your treasure and your virgins?" the dragon asked.
"No," said the elder.
The dragon made a curious gesture, and the elder felt her word be caught from the air.
"Thank you!"
"You hoard refusals?"
"They're hard to find."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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corporations = owners
creators = undervalued
users = customers


corporations = could be owners, could be defunct
creators = owners
users = owners

everyone’s on the same playing field

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Satellite infrastructure to be built, helping rural El Salvadorans 🇸🇻 connect to the internet, and thereby network, in places where land-based connectivity is poor.

@Blockstream plans to contribute their expertise and tech to make the nation a model for the world. 🌎

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No future U.S. presidential candidate can any longer ignore much less disparage the values of monetary freedom that are uniquely I don’t give a damn who they are or what party they’re running for.

Freedom is not about party, but allegiance to principles and values.

You could see him telegraph it coming. Ever since he joined the Elon posse for that SNL thing, he's been parroting the Musk narrative ever since.

People were mean to Musk, had to find a reason to be mad at those people.

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