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I don't think I could be an elected official.

Yesterday and today, I tried to watch these proceedings, and I'm fighting sleep here.

Honestly, decades of Democratic complaints about election security is coming home to roost here. Trump's lawyers would have no legs to stand on in their hypocrisy claim without that.

We're now at the stage of the bull run where the nocoiners I told about Bitcoin back in 2011 are telling me that when it pulls back to $10k again, they wanna buy in.

Sometimes I click on a trending topic about a show I've watched before, and the shippers are so prolific on it, I wonder if I'm just remembering the show completely different from how it happened.

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I was looking for a cheaper replacement for quick release plate. Because. . .well, less money to spend. To my delight, these are just as nice as my manfrotto vers. (affiliate)

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At A Loss: The FCC Has Announced That They Can’t Understand What The Hell Is Happening In Anime And Honestly Have No Idea If It’s Okay For Children

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Talk good about others behind their back.

It’s even better when it gets back to them.

Bitcoiners, beware of what the banks are doing here. The government has made it clear that what applies to fintech applies to P2P trading.

Why do we allow our government to abuse us like this for literally no benefit?

"Now that I wear a sword," the student said, "I get challenged."
"And?" the sword master said.
"I have won fifteen bouts. I... I feel I must accept, lest they think they have won simply by asking."
"Demand your next challenger beat those fifteen first, to prove their worth."
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When I die, the divine punishment for my wicked ways will probably be to work as a junior reporter at Vice.
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New from Vice: “The Problem with Private Conversations: How Radicals Are Avoiding Content Moderation by Speaking in Person”

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Any whale transacting today? Any purchase?

"I hold BTC," "I own BTC," and "I have BTC price exposure" are three different statements.

Wifey was watching the @netflix doc on the Cecil Hotel, and saw @esotouric's @kimcooper pop up on the screen!

She and I have been Facebook friends since my FriendFeed / Mashable days. So cool!

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