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The pirate bay, the most censored website in the world, started by kids, run by people with problems with alcohol, drugs and money, still is up after almost 2 decades. Parlor and gab etc have all the money around but no skills or mindset. Embarrassing.

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After some though, it donned on me that @JackMallers is building a 100% bitcoin backed bank.

This is how Satoshi & the early cypherpunks saw Bitcoin scaling. Strike is unlocking "high powered money" using Bitcoin as the reserve.

@halfin would be proud of Jack & team at Strike.

Content 👏 moderation 👏 is 👏 not 👏censorship.

Usually, I can dismiss my stress and worry with the idea that it will all eventually pass.

Unfortunately, that mantra won't work when you know it isn't going to pass.

I posted this right when the Capitol Hill thing happened, so you probably missed it.

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Thread: So, for *reasons*, I find myself having to look to the law specifically to determine how Texas and the feds legally regard OTC trading.

(i.e., is it legal, is it money laundering, do I need licensing).

Disclaimer: IANAL, not legal advice, DYOR, blah blah whatever.

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FBI: We need encryption backdoors to fight terrorism.

Actual terrorists: *post selfies to Reddit.*

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Remove Whatsapp from your devices, it's spyware.

Use Signal

(also remove FB & IG of course - especially from mobile devices).

#peertube released its v3.0 7 hours ago. What is the top feature? LIVE STREAMING!

I mean, in all likelihood, these guys in the capitol raid yesterday are going to face prosecution for their crimes.

I think it's hilarious some of you chuckleheads are so anti-mask that you won't even wear one when you're in front of the press photogs executing a putsch.

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So, I'm not a political science junky, but it seems today's chaos does in fact fit the definition of a coup laid out by the Cline Center for Democracy.

They break coups into 12 different categories, including so-called "dissident actions."

Wifey saw the picture, and said it reminded her of World War Z

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A friend just said to me "Are we supposed to be working during the coup?" and honestly it was the most American thing I've ever heard.

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40 USC §5104(e)(1)(B) & §5109 make it a federal crime to enter the floor of either House of Congress through the use of force and violence.

I think I remember that from playing Fallout 3.
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dorkiest evacuation photo ever h/t Fipi Lele

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