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So let’s talk about Parler. Where did it come from? Founder John Matze met his now wife, Alina Mukhutdinova, in May 15, 2016 in Las Vegas. Alina is from Kazan, Russia. She was on a two week road trip “vacation” across the USA with a friend.

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So now cocaine is legal in Oregon, but straws aren’t. That must be frustrating.

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At one Texas prison nearly 6% OF THE POPULATION has died of COVID-19.

Not 6% of the covid patients died, but 6% of the entire prison population.

That's according to a fabulous new report out today. Here's a thread w/some other 🤯 data:

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I had a long conversation today with someone who refused to believe that a 2% case fatality rate means 1/50 people who get Covid will die.

I just pulled out a bit of coin to pay bills, you're welcome for the crypto bull run.

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Is it just me or does it seem like a huge number of politicians are throwing out hot takes like their auditioning for a spot in a TikTok Collab House?

You can tell the election is over because the trending stories tab is all about nano-celebries' romance woes.

I don't think lockdowns are a very smart way to attack the virus, especially in a country built on the concepts of individual liberty, but you can't say they don't work when they're applied uniformly.
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We have been at Level 5 lockdown in Ireland since October 21st. It's painful (and widely-deployed testing would be much better) but it certainly is effective.

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1. Grow your own food.
2. Become your own bank.
3. Get a 3D printer.

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The COVID situation El Paso is tragic.

We have no national federal response going on right now.

We are in if people die they die mode.

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has offered up to $1 million of his own campaign funds for any whistleblowers or tipsters who come forward with evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election

I find it odd that so many people who claim to be anarchists are very invested in the idea that Trump should win an election.

What part of anarchists <> statists did they not get when they put that ideology as an identifier into their bio?

As an OTC seller, I spend a fair amount of time explaining to people how fees work. This should be a UX focus area for wallet developers.

Usually I say stuff like this about the LIbertarian Party.

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Sure, the administration that held a press conference at a dildo shop has a "good chance" of winning their supreme court case.

When was it ever?

If you want free speech on the internet guaranteed, don't sharecrop on other's property.
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I'm very concerned and disappointed at the direction Twitter has taken and is doubling down on. This is no longer a "public square" or a "window to the world". Twitter is now a severely biased, curated and censored platform. To the point of removing honest truth seeking.


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Y’all remember how dumb you think QAnon is right now, OK? Because it’s gonna be just as dumb coming from @KamalaHarris & the McCain family & @JoeBiden — but something tells me a lot of you will suddenly start to see the wisdom

The right will still cry foul, even though there was a tri(!)-partisan audit team.

I only know this because I have had the conversation in meat space several times with my conservative friends.

"The fraud is self-evident!"
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It's official. We completed our hand count audit and had a 100% match! Thank you to all 3 Maricopa County political parties, who appointed members to participate!

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