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I don't believe that it's impossible to engineer an organization competitive to the USPS. Advocates for the USPS say it's only unprofitable because of the was congress rigged their pension obligations.

So end it altogether, and let a competitor reform it in the private sector!

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The USPS finally responded to my claim only to gaslight me and tell me my concerns were resolved by an investigation revealing that I for sure was delivered the package that they never delivered.

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There was never any lockdown. There was just middle-class people hiding while working-class people brought them things.

If you want the government to stop Twitter from censoring things, you're for not liberty, you're for authoritarianism.

The government telling a publisher what they can and can't do is contrary to the first amendment protections.

Check your political sportsball team bias.

My buddy and used the crap out of Flint in our GI Joe games. Once his action figure wore out, we wound up giving him A Viking funeral in my friend's pool.
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Here is , warrant officer, and one of the commanders of the team. I was a big Flint fan, and often preferred him to the other leaders. He had a lot of appearances in the show & @Marvel comic. We did not have him back then. Anyone have/had him?

Our family pandemic businesses aren't making us rich, but we could almost squeak by on them if all other biz dried up.

That's a win.

Just finished listening to the first campaign, and whoo, that's some good stuff.

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Why do I have to click an "I am not a robot" box to pay my vehicle registration? If a robot wants to pay my registration, who is the State of Texas to tell it "no?"

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New listing: Big Bold Bitcoin Hoodie! by WeGotUsSomeMasks.

According to my look back features, it's been ten years since we hung out, @leolaporte!

Time flies!

In case you're wondering how it's going on Facebook, someone I know is arguing that the terrorist plot to kill that governor who had a member that dolled himself up to look like literal Hitler has nothing to do with white supremacy, and that antifa are the real baddies.

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