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Every time i read a DeFi tutorial on getting 300% APR, they never seem to account for all those astronomical tx fees.

the appropriation of scientific or technical vocabulary exemplifies the way ufo cults and post-new age grifters simultaneously view science as their enemy and seek to take on its mantle of respectability. it's about supplanting the scientific worldview, in sort of a weird reflection of the way new theories are supposed to supersede old ones in natural science

Bearish signal for bitcoin: several gambling operations are turning off their US customer accounts this month.

If only there was some way we could have predicted this.
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Dakotas lead US in virus growth as both reject mask rules.

I'm not a reply guy, I'm just a really prolific writer, and your replies are a blank page.

I'm all about people getting into the PPE game, but @MOO selling *paper masks* seems wildly irresponsible.

Weren't you just talking about this *yesterday,* @puffdaughter?
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TikTok star Addison Rae cast in remake (EXCLUSIVE)

I know that I'm that guy in your timeline that when you click like on one of my posts, you quietly note to yourself: "Hrm, he's pretty out there. I wonder if my views are changing or something?"

I'm OK with being that guy.

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modern web dev is an extreme overreaction to not liking some php

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Haha. I've just spent 5 minutes manually decoding this binary message from season 5 of Silicon Valley and it says, "FIND A HOBBY FOR GOD'S SAKE" 😂

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@ErikVoorhees @jespow There's no way that anyone under the age of 100 can consent to being governed by a 250 year old institution.

There has been a "technical issue" with my phone which has caused Zelle to kick me off their network. They can't tell me what happened, but something went wrong with a software update, and they are unable to assist me, and suggest going to another bank or getting another phone.

The truth is all these hardware wallets are complete black boxes. You don't know how they work. You don't know that everything's on the up and up. You don't know what backdoors do or don't exist.

With a paper wallet, you know these things.

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Now, am I thrilled that I got back that money and didn't need to go out of pocket on the loss? Sure!

But I don't want a random tech in who knows where to be able to flip a switch and kill or recover my crypto. It's absolutely unacceptable!

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The exchange that followed actually surprised me. They said "send us your serial number, and let us try something."

A couple of tries later, they "did something," and all my crypto showed back up in my balance statements (my guess is this was something derivation-path related).

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