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Most states have begun to reopen. Here is my guess for what that will mean for transmission. A thread. 1/

Why do so many Republicans think they're AnCaps? Genuinely curious.

Those observing safe social distancing protocols are mostly LARPing John Wayne-esque attitudes towards masks online or staying quiet these days.

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Here’s a list of several known Covid-19 super-spreading events:

🍝90-minute restaurant meal
🎼120-minute choir practice
🎂180-minute birthday party

If that’s enough for one person to infect a roomful, how much more risk is in a 540-minute workday?

Imagine being the guy who always tweets unoriginal roasts of Jeff Ross in the replies of all of Jeff Ross's tweets.

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@merlinpatt77 in particular, conditions that affect your oxygen levels! some people have weak breathing muscles that put them at risk of dangerous levels of carbon dioxide that masks exacerbate. panic disorders, sensory issues. many disabled people who could reasonably choose not wear a

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This is an awful nitpick, but I continually see L3s that claim "One-on-one interview!" like they claim "Exclusive!," but then I'll see two guests and an interviewer on the screen.

It's not a one-on-one if there's three people.

Out of curiosity, *is* there an actual disease where doctors recommend wearing a mask could be harmful?

I finished Yakuza 0 tonight.

That was a wild ride. It was like a soap opera, but with so much punching.

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Gov. Brian Kemp’s office issued an apology after a Georgia Public Health Department chart wrongly reported a downward trend in cases. The error was at least the third in as many weeks:

Crazy how the most articulate guy running for president right now wears a boot on his head, huh?

Guys, let's not read too much into thes JK Rowling thing from last night. She was drunk, and we already knew that we call ourselves Chads ironically.

I don't need 100 tweet thread think pieces on it today. We get it.

I can't muster the unearned coolness some of you have at your command that lets me pretend I'm any less of a nerd than the rest of the bitcoiners in JK Rowling's mentions right now.

I could do without paying my mortgage. $20 is $20, y'know?
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After having first reported in April that advocates were seeing an increase in complaints of landlords pressuring tenants for sex, @BuzzFeedNews was contacted by multiple readers with their own stories of intimidation

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