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At a new client site today, hanging out with his ! They're like giant, docile puppies.

RT What does Law and Order, Homicide: Life on the street, The X-Files, Luther, The Beat, Arrested Development, The Wire, and The Muppets all have in common?

Detective John Munch canonically exists in all those shows.

We lost another one way too young. RIP Kirk Douglas.

I don't do politics anymore, and this tweet explains why succinctly.

@rcarabelli @endofanerajc Politics is truly a Rorschach test where the ideologically deluded see what they want.

I warned you that this day was upon us.

Registering guns won't work when anyone can print them.

Come up with better strategies to reduce gun violence!
Interesting functional 3D print. If some TERF lunatic demands to inspect my girlfriends crotch while she's in a bathroom stall, apparently this serves to address any questions?🤔

Guys the Iowa caucus aren’t that hard to understand; first you write down your favorite animal on a piece of paper then fold it once and drop it in a hat. Then depending on what day of the week and position of moon in the lunar cycle the DNC steals the state from Bernie Sanders.

RT @brucefenton
I used to think blockchain voting was a dumb idea, then I heard from some companies working on this & saw potential use cases and advantages
It’s not perfect — but this is the system it’s replacing: someone looking at a coin, turning it over & calling it

This sounds like a great writing prompt for a scifi novel about being deplatformed when no one actually owns their own modes of transportation anymore.

Tell you what, you can talk about breaking up Amazon after you figure out how to code an app that counts stuff without unleashing total mayhem on the democratic process

There's this gal I follow on Instagram who does those forex trading seminars that never work but somehow never seem to die, but honestly it's only because I dig her yankee big apple accent.

Wow. This is simultaneously the worse idea ever and the best Defcon contest ever.

Morning session- who can hack the stroller and kill the baby (sensor package) first.

Afternoon session- who can hack the stroller, abduct a "baby" and successfully retrieve a bitcoin ransom.

Great reporting from on the HK protests, through the lense of Bitcoin.

People really are fighting secret wars, sometimes.

I recently signed up for Snapchat again as a way to distribute a video series I'm working on, and I noticed that they've added a recommended user system for finding new friends on the platform.

Weirdly, they all seem to be advertising their criminal enterprises.

It's weird how everyone knows Biden can't beat Trump, basically because he's not weird enough.

Are there *any* Nobel prize winners that have taken the time to understand bitcoin before they talk about it ever?

Eleven years ago, took some family photos for us at @thedallasarboretum.

I love my anarchist mutuals here on Twitter, but this zero hedge thing it's a dumb hill to die on.

They were a junk outlet doing pretty objectively bad things.

Wow when you hashtag cryptocurrencies they have symbols now!




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