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“If you can’t beat them, join them.”

2019 was the year that the big banks and legacy financial institutions gave up trying to beat cryptocurrency. They realized their time was running out, and now they’re desperately trying to join crypto.

This is what winning feels like.

Having watched Cats in theaters, I finally understand that Douglas Adams line about Vogon poetry.

If Bitcoin isn't $10 by January 1st 2020, I will eat my dogs poop Live on YouTube.

*Hall and Oates plays* Frank Castle is just your average serial murderer. But when he meets the girl of his dreams, and the crazy former Neo-Nazi who wants to kill her, he'll have to choose between killing everyone ... or following his heart.

If you haven't yet, your new years resolution should be to get away from traditional banking entirely. Go 100% crypto. I did that years ago and have loved it ever since.

The tools are here, you can live and spend your bitcoin. Banks are just there to steal your value.

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 0%

2019 sucked for me. I'm glad it's over. It's just another day, but the symbolism of a calendar year ending is helpful in putting a bunch of painful crap behind me.

Fair warning: You'll be tempted to click on John Boyega, since he's a trending topic, but you'll be disappointed by a bunch of folks angry on things you don't care about.

Winter is good at least for being able to bring the hats out.

I hang out in a couple of coffee shops that are often frequented by college-aged, church-attending Christians.

The conversational dynamic always seems to be someone at the table held hostage by another who is describing a caffeine-fueled unending string of spiritual epiphanies.

My youngest just learned an expensive lesson. He's 12, and has been using bitcoin for five years now, but made his first major key management error, and lost $300 in BTC, or about 95% of his holdings.

D&D Bards are the butt of so many jokes, but I remember 1e Bards. They were the first Prestige Class. You had to be Fighter 5, Thief 5 and have insane stats before you could even begin being a Bard. Gygax hid that shit in the back of the PHB for being too awesome for most players

I'm thinking about moving somewhere like Japan for a bit and my friends are like "but... cultural shock". Bruh, my first 2 weeks living in the US were spent in actual prison, go ahead and hit me with all the cultural shock you can find.

Rasing Cane's is In-and-Out Burger, but for Chicken.

If you wanted to migrate away from GSuite, what's a good alternative?

Google is backsliding too much into evil for me lately.

RT @CobraBitcoin
Around the same time Google started censoring Bitcoin videos,'s performance on Google search dropped from being the #1 result when people search "Bitcoin" to #6. Google is now actively leading users to Roger's scam site ahead of Bitcoin's original site.

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