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Has anyone looked at the relationship between holiday spending and the bitcoin price drop?

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This needs to be said:

@TheBlock__ will play the victim card soon. They will say that they are being attacked, bullied, and this is an attack on free speech.

It is not.

Journalism needs to be evaluated and what we are doing is criticising you. Use it constructively.

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How have I not been mentioned in these hearings yet?

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As someone who lives in a rural community where pickups outnumber every other type of car: Who is the for? You’re not going to be hauling lumber in this thing.

Overuse of the "wait for it" caption has conditioned me to immediately scroll past any content with that caption.

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they're not hackers, they're volunteer foreign systems administrators

Guys, if I bought a fake degree on the internet, I'd be correcting people to call me Dr. Hopkins all day. Dude has a rank. Who cares if he corrects someone on their salutation. If you aren't gonna be formal in a congressional hearing, when are you?

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@tonyhawk @DrPimplePopper Me in 2009: Man. It’s so cool to be able to play as skating legend Tony Hawk on my PS3.

Me in 2019: I guess I’ll tune into Twitter to watch Tony Hawk’s diseased arm juice.

Televised congressional hearings are Rorschach tests.

Two people with diametrically opposing views can watch the same clip with the same context and come away with two completely opposing interpretations of what just occurred.

People who complain about targeted advertising forget the absolute trash heap the internet was during the days of contextual advertising.

All I can say is that if you are even a little bit serious about liking the Wealth Tax proposals on the table from the Dems this year, talk to an OTC bitcoin seller with clients in China what they think will happen in the US under those measures.

Facebook just gave me a community violation warning for posting a link to my Mastodon instance.

Everyone has that nerd friend who reads every comic and watches every movie...

... and hates all of them.

The average American is smart enough to buy a hat.

Explains a lot of lawyers I've had to work with.
I’m starting to understand something clearly: unethical people think everyone else is unethical too, just hiding it

When will the class action suit against banks get filled for closing bank accounts that buy bitcoin?

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