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That awko taco moment when you're setting up to do some tik toks and your normie friends decide to sit down and hang out.

I liked it better when everyone in the replies played along and didn't call out the satire.

An OpSec thread: Another day, another claim of a KYC data breach, this time allegedly involving Binance data. This is why we recommend you be very selective about the exchanges you provide KYC/AML documentation to, and ALWAYS WATERMARK YOUR PHOTOS WITH THE DATE AND EXCHANGE. /1

An interesting observation: "...our violent crime rate in the US is at a historic low from its peak in the early 90’s. Shooting sprees weren’t common then. Serial killers, though, peaked in 1989 in number caught and their victim totals."

Yeah - it's hard to say without looking at court docs.

It's just that this bears a striking similarity to the modus operandi of the SIM swapping hacks.

They, too, are paying off employees of carriers to infiltrate carrier billing and admin systems. The main difference is the customer is obviously not consenting.

So the courts side with AT&T pretty much universally, I guess?

It's only a crime to transfer SIMs away from the company when it costs the carrier money.

As of this month, for the next year, I'm paying my electric bill with ERC20 tokens, and getting wholesale rates.

In his Twitter profile, Connor Betts, the 24-year-old suspected gunman in the Dayton mass shooting, wrote, "he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i'm going to hell and i'm not coming back."

I've been being slices of life at my coffee shop visits lately.

Just walked past a couple, and the sentence I heard ws "we work good as life partners, business partners, and roommates..."

I couldn't hear the rest, but it was an intense look on their faces.

Do you ever get those emails from people claiming they have compromising photos of you?

They're obvious scams, but some people still fall for them.

RT Norm Peterson: Women; can’t live with ‘em. Hey, Cliffy, pass the beer nuts.

I don't really care how you feel about Cheers, but "It's a dog eat dog world, Sammy, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear." is the greatest line ever uttered in a sitcom.

So, this being Twitter, go ahead and tell me your favorite line (even though it's not the greatest line).

to 2013's Summer vacation, and probably the last time all four of us were in frame simultaneously.

I don't have the love for Doctor Doom that many Marvel fans do. He just seems petulant to me. Intelligent, but petulant.

I'm far more interested in the celestial stories being front and center in the next phases of MCU.

If you like robotics, you gotta check out' latest special.

Whitney presented a truly unique perspective on robotics, and delivered another hilarious special.

Dude in front of me at Starbucks working on spreadsheets took a break to hit the dab.

In case you're curious, banks still close you down for using BTC.

I've been banking at Comerica for four years. Started using one of our accounts with a popular, compliant, US-based exchange.

They closed all my accounts down, no explanation given, but the timing is conspicuous.

Oh, I'm missing the Expendables debate. Darn.

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