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They tried to do this in, I think, Barcelona one or two years ago. Did. Not. Go. Well.

Working with BCH is honestly a nightmare sometimes. I've been waiting 45 minutes for three confirmations. Truly insane.

Stay weird, San Francisco
PodShare is a co-living space where tenants pay $1,200 a month to rent a "pod," or bunk bed, in one of its San Francisco or Los Angeles locations

It's important to remember that everyone in the government is made up of the same self-centered, fallible human stock as the populace.

Don't grant the state any special rights and privileges you wouldn't give to the jerk across the street or your racist uncle or fool niece.

How the hell are we still alive as a species?

The next time someone argues that government arm bearers are more well trained than any civilian, trot out this factoid.
During the height of the Cold War, the US military put such an emphasis on a rapid response to an attack on American soil, that for 20 years the ICBM launch codes were 00000000 to minimize delay

Hyper-realistic face molds, check out the iPhone lock icon.

2nd demo is for WeChat payment face authentication

Not too long until this is outlawed in China I feel

Apparently, there's a debate about the ethics of tracking pixels today.

If you think this is unethical, I have really bad news for you about...

**gestures vaguely at the entire internet**

Sometimes, I wish I could recall why I muted some of you.

I mean, I obviously had a good reason. I just don't always remember it when I find you hiding under that blank spot deep in a thread.

Members of Congress just sent this letter to Facebook asking them to officially stop development of Libra.

Wait till Congress finds out they can’t send letters to Bitcoin🔥

RT I'm confused -- why is anyone UNDER 25 on twitter, aren't, you fetuses supposed to be twerking on the snappity-chats

Today was weird.

Good weird, but weird nonetheless.

RT Google is dead wrong here. Period.

My biggest regret from 2017-2018 is doing ICO consulting instead of Bitcoin OTC sales.

People in my circles who are soberly talking about expatriation from the US are generally responded to with nods of consent from their peers, as if this is a wise decision, rather than an insane one.

That says a lot about the US right now.

It's 2:30 EST on Friday and my bank won't let me send a wire until Tuesday🤦‍♂️

Bitcoin is hopefully going to save the day for me as it's a value transfer system that's not closed for the next 4 days.

RT was Sim swapped

Listen at

We talk to Mark Hopkins about the Sim swap & more.

BitBlockBoom! - Take a look at the Conference coming to , at

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