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Still waiting on that phone call,

Not only did you seize money in my account, you also charged back $7000+ in legitimate bitcoin purchases to How is that legal? That's literal criminal theft.
@rizzn Hi Mark, we'd like to investigate this further and reach out to assist. Can you send us your full nam@coinbase@twitter.comne number in a DM, so that we can follow up? ^AM

I want to take seriously the software development happening in ther bsv community.

The evangelist arm of the community Mays that difficult.

Had to make this step-down contraption to attach to the pool drain pump.

It's really sad how much comfort is a currency we humans will readily exchange for liberty.

It's up to us who know what underpins all of this to make it possible and ultimately easier to use censorship resistant tools than it is to use the tools we currently have.

Present tense now: I'm struck by how poorly this hot take has aged.

Knowing exactly how badly our constitutional rights are routinely violated, we voice activated wiretaps on centralized services mostly to turn off the lights without using our hands.

"The same goes if their data has been seized."

"You can only push this wiretapping metaphor so far, and I think that when it comes to stalking me digitally by seizing my *aaS 1's and 0's, that's when the line has been crossed."

I continue: "But shouldn't we expect the same level of privacy of our digital communications and storage as we expect from information stored locally? Also yes."

That means, FISA act or no, secret courts or no, the suspects need to be alerted that they're being watched."

Six years ago today, in the wake of some of's revelations, I wrote: "Let's talk about what's legal, and what's right for a second."

"Should the government be able to digitally investigate us for our security? In certain instances, yes."

I was recently asked to be an advisor to a company taking another run at this concept. I'm hoping to learn that they've got a far better product than the Coin turned out to be.

A man walks into a zoo. The only animal in the entire zoo is a dog. It's a shitzu.

RT It will be hard work

But we can yeet Iowa in our children's lifetime

no cheating, even if the pic is weird. brighten (or worsen) my day w the 32rd most recent picture in your camera roll. dont explain unless i ask you to & repost this w the number i give u.

mc chris music is in the jay and silent bob reboot twice. three times technically. i just watched the whole movie at his house. i laughed and literally cried. this an amazing project to be a part of. thx so much! ps u have really good weed.

Is there a news organization covering the SIM swappening?

This is getting nuts.

If you get a weird text claiming to be me, it isn't. My numbers haven't changed.

Yesterday, I canceled my premium. I will be taking that monthly amount, and giving it directly to creators on Take a good look around... Its time to start migrating away from

The beauty of home schooling is that and I just spent 15 minutes exploring how licensing is in many cases a regressive tax.

Not a discussion that would have likely come up at 5th Grade public school.

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