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Alert: bank just seized the balance of my entire bank account for buying bitcoin via

Scenes like this give me hope that rule of law won't end in a complete police state.
That walk of shame though... That camera sent them scrambling like roaches when they got hit with the spotlight. πŸ˜‚

Do not take company scrip as pay.

Funny story: a defunct blockchain company I worked for is suing me for their worthless company scrip back.
kids, gather round & let me tell you about the dot-com crash, when people who had done dumb shit like buying extra company stock to "show their passion", or holding huge company stock positions in their retirement accounts, ended up real, real sorry... https://twitt…

I know. I'm a broken record on this, but I'm going to repeat it until it happens: We need open borders, open hearts, and open minds. All are welcome here.

There's no way I only hit 50% of my step goal today. I walked everywhere.

A few of us are having serious issues with our CoPay/BitPay wallets.

Balances, conversion rates, and xfers are weird and error prone.

Added a CTO to the company page using my image and changed the name to Mick Blevins, and then erased all social and website links on my actual entry... conspicuous on the day you announce to the public you're suing me.

Good use of company resources.

Real mature,, vandalising my CrunchBase entry.

Really bummed that someone I avidly supported for ten years in the tech industry turned on me over greed and ego.

People's avarice can be surprising.

After careful consideration and usage, I've determined the best way to surf TikTok is through and's Twitter feed.

LocalBitcoins has shut off Cash-in-Person transactions. Video and blog post coming tonight.

I went to a Matrix themed birthday party last night and someone came up to me and said, β€œyou are dressed as the wrong movie - this isn’t Star Wars.” I was from Zion. Lol. I told them I was a free person and they were still stuck in the Matrix.

"They call me the butler because I clean up!" -

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