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Bruce Schneier is the new Cliff Stoll.

a smart technologist saying something silly he'll soon regret.

if you guys don't like fuckjerry for stealing memes, wait till you discover

a garf-chimera goring a jon-deer. 

Largest crypto exchange in the Philippines has 5 million users. 1 out of 10 adults is using crypto through it, paying utility, credit card bills, etc.

As the great said on Unconfirmed, it's important to acknowledge people are using crypto now, not 10~20 years later.

“there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” - football coach.

“there’s no ‘I.’” - enlightened football coach

This was so boring, I actually sat down to write and got two weeks ahead on the book I'm writing.

Watching bitcoin maximalist heads explode over Wrapped BTC is amazing.

It reminds me of that scene from Zoolander.

"The bitcoin is ... inside the [EV]machine?"

Unicorn, ninja, consultant, specialist, whisperer, strategist

No matter what they call themselves

Project-based workers often have a unique take, unquenched thirst for success, no alliances in internal politics, fresh perspectives & more.

Give them a try.

A decentralized network of apprenticeship programs (praxis), private certification institutions (UL, CFA/CFP), peer reviews (LinkedIN) and Private voluntary labor and consumer unions can hold labor, employers and consumers accountable without restricting autonomy. #amliberty

Iris's newest . A late Christmas gift! Always great work from

There is no difference between most political threads on twitter and a random factoid generator powered by a markov chain algorithm.

Self imposed. I tried helping newspapers during that nosedive generate new digital revenue.

Most told me something like: "son, or organization has been around for a century. This internet thing is a fad; a blip on the radar."

Very little sympathy.
@clairlemon Journalism is in a state of emergency, but it began around 2006 when the internet crashed the industry. Democracy may not survive this.

Tagging Doctor Pepper because I want my husband influencer dollars for photo bombing the .

I watched Incredibles 2 this evening. Quality flick.

And given that we currently have President Grabbed 'em by the P*ssy, what makes you think any voter cares about the opinions Mr. Schultz has on presidential outerwear? Is this really what needs to be polluting my timeline right now?

I mean, you guys decide that *now* is the time to get particular about whether or not some candidate thinks an ex-President wore a jacket in the oval office?

You couldn't put that sort of critical mind towards, I dunno, Mr. Yer Fired over here?

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#BlockRiot is the home of the blockchain in the fediverse. #cryptotwitter is exiting stage left. is great for the Maximalists. The rest of us can land here!