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New from – a birds eye look at Bitcoin's hashrate history by pool. So many empires have risen and fallen over the years.


10 Mins - Blockchain startup pitch

10 Mins - Q&A on startup pitch

15 Mins - ADB presentation

5 Mins - Q&A

20 Mins - Panel discussion

Check out the video series at:

RT Address = RIPEMD160(SHA256(pk))
Block hash = SHA256(SHA256(header))

The only thing both share is that they do SHA256 as the first round, but the steps after are different.

This 2020 U.S. presidential candidate fascinates me. Who else is talking about this?

I see a future in which DAOs grow into the dominant mechanism by which public works are funded and executed, as the federal government continues lapsing into oblivion, contractors become unwilling to assume shutdown risks, and society figures out how to get shit done again.

We are excited to have Shadus and BOScoin presenting at Ask Dr. Bitcoin Live this Tuesday.

Shardus is building the foundational technology for global-scale decentralized applications. (,)

We made this little tribute to one of our favorite people ever in the world of comedy, the one and only Bob Einstein.

(And yes, I did give him the car..)

Just got a telemarketing call from someone trying to sell me LED lighting for my business. Strange grind.

Twitter is dominated by reactions to other reactions.

Whatever the event, political tribes affirm their identity by attacking a poor response from some arbitrarily chosen member of an opposing tribe.

Random accounts with bad takes become strawman symbols of the hated other.

In the core devs meeting today, they were talking about the fact that at this point only 11% of Ethereum clients are upgraded for Constantinople. Idea: you're a member of this community -- tweet out that people should upgrade their nodes soon. Upgrade your nodes soon.

I think that everyone who truly remembers RantRadio can agree: our vision for what it could be was never quite fully met, but all can also agree that it left an indelible mark on Internet history.

Without RantRadio, I wouldn't have met several of my current startups' cofounders, including and

Without RantRadio, I never would have had the experience or interest to bring streaming video to tech. I wouldn't have invented with in 2009 at and wouldn't exist as they do today.

If it wasn't for RantRadio, I would never have made the leap to tech journalism, and would not have broken Android's story in 2007, and I would not have started the first mainstream streaming video show to a tech publication at in 2008.

If it wasn't for RantRadio, I never would have created the world's first podcast hosting company, which hosted around 70% of the worlds' podcasts for the first couple years they existed.

If you even remember who and what whipped the llama's ass, you probably listened to a bit of RantRadio.

If you remember streaming talk radio pre-Pandora, you remember RantRadio. If you remember's internet shows, you remember RantRadio.

I definitely enjoyed my time there. If you remember the old Mark and Darrell Show from the late 90's on, you remember RantRadio. If you remember any podcasting I did, you remember RantRadio.

There's so much I can say about RantRadio, my time there, what I learned from it and who I met.

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#BlockRiot is the home of the blockchain in the fediverse. #cryptotwitter is exiting stage left. is great for the Maximalists. The rest of us can land here!