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The wifey is selling a bunch of sports equipment. Get in on these deals!


This is information likely of interest to my followers on Switter.

Time to start pursuing censorship resistant hosting platforms.


Bitcoin existed for the better part of a decade at a value below $3,000. The mainstream media talking about crypto death spirals don't understand the meaning of the term.

Bitcoin facts the media ignores:

- 70%+ of energy used is renewable
- Better to catch criminals than USD
- Best performing asset last 10 years
- BTC beat S&P 500 since inception
- 2X more wallets created in 2018, than all previous years combined

Facts matter, narratives don’t.

There are so many aspirational versions of how this story ought to go in the thread.

I want to poke a little fun at them, but it seems too mean.

I’m waiting for a reverse Hallmark Christmas Movie about a small town girl who realizes her community’s politics are terrible, moves to Manhattan, gets a high pressure office job, meets a businessman, and they host a non-denominational holiday party at…

This may come as a shock for you, but as it turns out I'm kind of a big deal.

On Google Maps.

The fines paid by just these 10 banks over 10 years from 2008-2017 are larger in aggregate than the entire current market cap of all public cryptocurrencies.

My wife is misusing the term "mansplaining", and I have no idea what to do.

My wife's accounts were all 100% hacked. Surprisingly, they didn't go straight for her crypto. No - they used her email and facebook accounts to spread a petition to have some Spongebob song played at the superbowl.

Seriously. That this was even entertained while that is going on...
@CNBCFastMoney Lol why even interview someone whose bank just got raided the same day

Creating a 3rd with news/articles from my expert cousins.

Want to join us?

I feel like my trolling on is some of the most underappreciated work I do, considering these people know where I live.

No-coiner: Crypto is evil because it facilitates money laundering.

Deutsche Bank: Hold my schnitzel.

What the hell is managed blockchain?
And that's clearly changed... @ajassy just announced Amazon Managed Blockchain to create and mananage scalable blockchain networks.

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#BlockRiot is the home of the blockchain in the fediverse. #cryptotwitter is exiting stage left. is great for the Maximalists. The rest of us can land here!