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All the brand accounts that pander to zoomers have switched to posting anti-NFT memes.

These interactions sorta say it all about the mindset of an NFT hater.

It's super cool how when you pay off a huge debt, like your house, your credit score actually goes down.

This system is so damn broken.

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In 2021 the IRS received 282M phone calls. Customer service representatives only answered 32M (11%.)

IRS didn't complete processing all 2019 returns until June 2021.

IRS aims to respond to taxpayer correspondence in 45 days. As of Jan 1 their turnaround time is nearly 1 year.

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@NeerajKA every jpeg is equal but some jpegs are more equal than others

The last time I did a paper filing like this, my taxes were about 80 pages long. Drown them in trees.

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I'm definitely filing via paper this year, and I'm printing out all my blockchain trades to go along with them.

Fuck this, not giving face scans to the government.

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the house memo on bitcoin mining cites

- forexsuggest. com (!!?)
- digiconomist, paid oppo research, dutch CB affiliated, many times

- cambridge altfin/cbeci, neutral, academic source: 0 times
- bitcoin mining council - largest sample of industry data: 0 times

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imagine if satoshi invented bitcoin and was like

uhh yeah the ability to determine the rules of the system and include transactions is proportional to how much money you have. problem solved!

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1/ @FreeRossDAO Proposal 3 - "Operations" went live yesterday. Grateful to have the opportunity to help this DAO along with @RJPinnell, @rizzn, @startup_comic, @TrippyLabs and many other amazing humans building a movement to 🕊️ @RealRossU

I'm annoyed by wordle, too, but I'm just glad it's giving the anti-NFT folks something else to be mad at.

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THREAD. A new scandal is brewing at the New York Times. I try my best below to document the paper's corporate and police union copaganda, and to share actual evidence and research that the NYT ignores. The stakes are huge.

There's going to be a lot of suffering in society that those like me are fortunate enough to fix, but because of anti-NFT propaganda, will not be able to.

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I'd love to help out, but I know from previous experience that anti-NFT people, even those I've helped with thousands of dollars of commissions and merch sales, are likely to block me just for asking if they have a crypto wallet (it's happened four times in 2021).

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This is a friend of mine that is trans, single and an artist that does niche commissions. They were scammed via the @indeed job board for a month's pay, and are facing homelessness as a result.

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That's why when I see a situation like this, I know that establishment narratives are actively harming the disenfranchised.

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