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Every time I click on a trending topic and read the tweets, I get that same feeling like you've stepped in something and need to clean the bottom of your sneakers.

Throwback to six years ago, my rig. Believe it or not, this was a solidly profitable rig!

Why do securities need a blockchain? Because someone has to run the ledger. Right now, it’s outsourced to large trusted parties. The complexity of hundreds of competing parties reporting partial ledgers creates a delay bottleneck. The technology now exists to cut days into hours.

Anyone who thinks large scale content moderation is easy, and that and are idiots for not nailing it should come prepared with their own scalable ops plan.

If aren't equipped to do that, then you aren't equipped to criticize the nuance of the current predicament.

Not only are they limiting reach of some LGBTQ users, but in some cases banning their accounts entirely for speaking on those topics, as was the case with

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This makes ETH unsuitable for payments. :(
@ph_lux Transactions are finalized in 2 epochs + 10 minutes, shard blocks can be reverted for 2 days.

The Harley Quinn series on DC Universe is hilarious.

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I don't know what I'm most invested in...this or the guy buying the building where the lady called the cops on him.

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@rstevens Baby Yoda is older now than Wilford Brimley was when he made Cocoon

If you're from a U.S. sanctioned country, don't read or watch
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Virgil Griffith arrested for teaching North Korea how to avoid U.S. sanctions by using cryptocurrency and the Blockchain. See what our Government has become - a government corrupt at the core, declaring publicly available information a national secret.

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So let me get this straight: ICE created a fake university. They then enticed foreign students to apply, which granted them legitimate student visas. And then shut down the University, allowing ICE to ... deport people who wouldn't have been here except for ICE's actions?

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Hey twitter sold all my anime shit to buy my first anime tattoo shop... I’m located in down town Dallas Texas .. opening day is dec 7Th I hope this goes viral so I can start my anime collect over !

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