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IS money.

The law in El Salvador says so. This argument is dead.

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Thank G-d. She’s a hero. Reality Winner Released From Prison - The New York Times nytimes.com/2021/06/14/us/poli

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go far beyond just 1 of 1 art pieces that are only affordable by the top 1%

@uniclyNFT is making NFTs accessible to all by allowing fractionalization of NFTs

A collection of 1,000 NFTs for $10 each will reach a far bigger fan base/community than a 1 of 1 drop for $10,000 twitter.com/unstoppableweb/sta

So when someone you know (but not that well) writes a 2000 word biz-guru style essay that incorrectly defines one of the words in the title and that word is the subject of the piece, do you say something?

Mine is currently en route!
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Requesting the favor of a RT.

MyPOV: Learn why is not enough in a world of . How to build, partner, and set fair regulations.

Pre-order the book and get the first 3 chapters today!



Besides, I think @nic__carter showed us that the real crypto discussions happen on Twitter Spaces, vs. CH.

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If you've gotten notoriety from being a Clubhouse crypto person, consider what your reputation now is to us.

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I've actively avoided Clubhouse primarily because of the reputation of shady crypto people there.

I don't want people to refer to some talk I gave on clubhouse and have someone in the know peg me as one of *those* types of crypto people based on the moniker.

> As a recruiter I have to ask - know any other writers interested in working with us?

"Honestly, I'm not comfy rec'ing anyone, between the work mismatch and the rough onboarding, I wouldn't want to subject ne1 I know in this space to that experience, as it would reflect on me."

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Not only was the pay rate not what was promised, they were asking for analyst work at sub-standard rates for an entry level writer.

I'm being quizzed by the talent manager what went wrong. Keeping it constrained and cordial is a challenge, based on my experience.

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I've been allowing myself to be recruited for work lately, and a couple weeks ago, I accepted a position with a writer group that was so badly misrepresented to me I had to essentially quit on the first day.

Warning. @Jason just discovered Tether, and his mentions are filled with FUDsters.

Be prepared for new rounds of conspiracy theorists grown out of his audience.

Prediction: the market for aphorisms will never decline despite the fact that technology has been able to replicate it with Markov-chain algorithms for decades.
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Prediction: AI will cause the price of work that can happen in front of a computer to decrease much faster than the price of work that happens in the physical world.

This is the opposite of what most people (including me) expected, and will have strange effects.

I'm currently 10 minutes into waiting on hold with tmobile to just pay my bill.

Every time I log in to the site to pay, I just get a pinwheel spinning eternally.

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I'm ditching the TMobile ecosystem. I've finally had enough.

Since 2019, I've had only three months in which I was able to properly administer my account. Every other time I've had to log in, it's been a two or three hour ordeal to get access to my account.

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this is partly bc of the totally absence of good faith — see propublica’s “true tax rates”, analysis so dumb that I came all the way back around to believing they had meant it earnestly & simply don’t understand tax as a concept

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