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Bitfinexxed 2016 - "tethers are fake, they are backed by nothing, fake money printer"

Bitfinex has 850m real dollars seized, and covers the loss with other real dollars from their Tether fund in 2018.

Bitfinexxed 2019 - "told you!"

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If you’re in Austin, here’s how to testify. You can register your position on capitol WiFi.

Tweet at your reps.

5000 words written this morning. I'm getting my rhythm back.

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Digital Currency Bill has a public hearing today. Such Notice!

Austin Friends plz try to attend and let me know what went down.


Tik Tok is an odd study of a social network's growth.

If you social media gurus haven't noticed yet, it's the next big thing.

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Several moments of had the crowd clapping loudly and enthusiastically last night but none more than the scene where the original team did a pitch-perfect reenactment of the Friends opening credits.

Still, is Hawkeye really the Ross of the group?

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@KeatonPatti@twitter.com Data IS always at the gym, that's why knowledge is power

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Samsung just announced that they are developing an Ethereum-based (possibly private) blockchain & may eventually issue a "Samsung Coin" 🤯

This news comes just two months after Samsung revealed that the Galaxy S10 comes with a crypto wallet.

Samsung is all in on blockchain 🚀

This shot of my ASICminers form 2014 popped up in my history today. Then, like now, was a bit of a rough time for . Things are starting to look back up, though.

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I think part of the reason why some people have problems living with secrets is they're under the mistaken impression people care about every minor detail of your life.

If you must justify it to your ego, learn to be ok with being mysterious.

Twitter's ads on ads on ads are bad.

I saw a preroll ad for GoT on a @TedDanson@twitter.com promoted tweet that was a for @Cigna@twitter.com with a TV ad embedded.

I don't follow or watch: GoT, Ted, or Cigna.

I do watch The Good Place and Orville, which Ted plays in.

What a mess.

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We're living in a cyberpunk future:

“Fooling automated surveillance cameras: adversarial patches to attack person detection” arxiv.org/abs/1904.08653

Sportsball Twitter contains some of the rudest folks.

Second only to comedy speech-police Twitter.

Crypto-Twitter tries to rank, though.

Got a snap of the giant Sam Houston statue on the drive up from back to .

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