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Paul Rudd dancing to September is exactly what I needed today...

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if your main thing in crypto is asking the gov't to change its rules you're probably doing it wrong

permissionless innovation means permissionless

self-sovereign means not recognizing any law but "do what thou wilt"

be your own bank means dgaf about banks and rules

You know you can just join a focus group and lie? We should all do that more. Take the trolling up a notch.

As I handed my Dad his 50th birthday card, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said,
“You know, one would have been enough.”

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Nvidia wants to bill itself as an AI company whose solutions are the key to business and advanced algorithmic problems.

Their web store for the RTX3080 was sold out in several seconds because all the stock bought was by automated robots Nvidia could not bother to detect.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but always be careful using custodial wallets.

If you don't hold your private keys, it's not really your mone.

I enjoy cross-pollinating with discussions across the political spectrum, but confusing Gordon Gecko with Milton Friedman is definitely one of the dangers of discussion with the extreme left.

Finally, they're making the ballsy and correct argument that this is a first amendment violation.


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Larry Ellison’s statement about the TikTok deal shows that he is the only tech CEO who can talk to teens in a relatable manner

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We pay way too much for health care in the US, and somehow the buildings the insurance companies work in keep growing while the public reaps less and less benefit from a shrinking healthcare workforce.

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I don't know if it was all broken before, during or after ACA, but whatever's happening to the law will cause no tears to shed from my eyes.

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... but for the most part, putting a fraction of what an insurance payment *would be* (around $2400-4800 a month) into a savings account has helped us pay for all medical bills, small and big, over the years (including a recent Achilles rupture my wife had).

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And by the way, when I say "afford," I mean "be able to justify paying for it.

I've missed out on some super expensive treatments that I would be able to get with insurance (like treatment for my psoriatic skin condition)...

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I understand a lot of people are upset about the ACA's impending doom, but I've not been able to afford health insurance at all, as a freelancer with a family of four in Texas, since its passage.

I'm not an insurance expert, and correlation <> causation, but I remain suspicious.

Tik Tok looks like they're taking the ban a little more seriously. They're offering monetary incentives to get me to spam my inbox with invites.

I know I'm not the main character, because people always come up to me years later apologetically telling me how badly things went when they didn't heed my advice.

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