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seen opinions that Roe ruling is more “decentralized” bc it gives the states power


Roe originally enforced individual sovereignty

if u have a base layer protocol (fed law) that treats some users (citizens) as 2nd class, you’re going to get forked

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I examined a decade of @CryptoGarga's writing across his social media and academic work to assess the truth behind the allegations of antisemitism. @yugalabs @BoredApeYC

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“Here’s how it all works.

You meet rich people.

You hang around with them.

And one night, when they’ve had a few drinks. They say “I’ll buy it.”

Then they tell their friends they must have your work.

So you get your price established.

That’s all you need.”

- Warhol

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6/ @FreeRossDAO team was also kind enough to accomidate me publishing the only open letter I ever wrote - it was about the imminent war in Ukraine.

@RJPinnell @rizzn @Schlomo @FreeJeremyNet & others are forever family - helped me through the darkest days


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We want to get @JoeBiden and everyone in the @WhiteHouse into VR to experience our installation.

Who can help us make it happen?✨🏴‍☠️

@FreeRossDAO how do we make bounties out of this?


All you assholes who two weeks ago called web3 a scam for the crime of giving us an escape hatch to surveillance capitalism are now waking up to the fact that FB knows when women are pregnant before women do, and respond to govt data requests.

Listen to your cypherpunk friends.

Just give Janice the autopsy she's asking for and put the body to rest.

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"How many coincidences do you need?"

Just show me a smoking gun. Proof. That's what I need.

Not insinuations and hypotheticals.

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Nothing makes me lose respect for someone more quickly than seeing them fall for an easily debunked conspiracy theory.

This is fucked.

What's being hidden?
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John McAfee's corpse still in Spanish morgue a year after his death reut.rs/3ycibd4

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ty and the whole FRD fam

Every little bit helps when getting the word out on how to

At what point do we get honest and say we're not the land of the free any longer, but simply the land of the comfortably distracted.

Bread and circuses.

It's a brainworm for cryptotwitter to care about btc's 21m cap.

It's like panicking about the sun burning out a million years from now.

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