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Pixelfed actually federates now. We did it folks.

#ad #pixelfed

@AvatarX Gawker and valleywag are garbage sites, always were, and I can't imagine why anyone would want to try to bring them back... unless they just didn't know the media business.

@AvatarX Definitely. It seems like one of those startups that would be awesome to have for about two years until it creates new levels of dystopian social developments.

Found another gem cleaning out my bookmarks: Telemarketing Counterscript.

Looks like I bookmarked this around 2013 or so.

Going through my old bookmarks. Found this startup that apparently didn't get off the ground...

RT I say the more Faketoshis the better; keeps the legend alive and it’s way more fun this way. A single Elvis impersonator is just sad; get a bunch of them tho and that’s a party!

What are the sources and documentation for these allegations? Bitcoin used for terrorism? Says who? A bunch of intelligence agencies who are never lie to the public?

Seriously,, do a little research if you're going to report this.

Watched all the way through.

It has its moments. Kept me interested.

The Netflix season was a definite departure in tone.

y’all clown on tiktok so much but every other tweet i see is a tiktok video with a caption.....questionable behavior

How do people get tired of Instagram?

It's just looking at pictures and commenting with emojis. What's to get tired of?

The beautiful thing about attending a ₿itcoin conference is seeing the palpable respect & mutual understanding between everyone.

You may disagree with someone else's methods, but we're all here to make the world a ₿etter place.



RT Huh. I just discovered that at some point I blocked Poland Spring Water......why was I so mad at water?

Your bluetooth device (headset, 2FA fob, keyboard, whatever) turns out to be insecure. And not fixable. Third parties can force your key length down to one byte. What a clusterfuck.

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