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I've seen what looks like legit proof of 5000 compromised Parler accounts including DM's of some well-known figures. Hackers decompiled the app, zero day exploit etc.. I wish I could unsee what I've seen.

One of my printers is frustrating the hell out of me. Time to hang it up for the night.

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I am profoundly grateful for those who stuck with me through the three year bear market, supporting me financially to continue to do educational work and build my team. We are ready for this wave of newbies because of you.

Thank you!

Listened to the WSJ / Gimlet podcast profile on Parler. Absolutely riddled with facial inaccuracies.

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Wearing a mask is like keeping all your BTC in Green Bitcoin Wallet.

Not wearing a mask is like keeping all your BTC in a blockchain.info wallet.

Muting the word COVID is like keeping your Bitcoin in a Coldcard.

Believing plandemic is thinking Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

I'm tired of this brand of thought leadership in Bitcoin/Crypto space. This makes all of us look ridiculous.

I long for the days when conspiracy theories weren't normalized.

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CEO of PayPal, "We're going to allow cryptocurrencies to be a funding source for any transaction happening on all 28 million of our merchants."


Janet Yellen, nominally anti-Bitcoin, is Joe Biden's pick for Treasury Secretary.

She does presumably still hold some Bitcoin she was gifted, but has more or less dismissed Bitcoin in public statements.


Snap announces Spotlight, a vertically scrollable TikTok-like feed inside Snapchat, and will pay $1M every day to users who create the top Snaps through 2020


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Just got to work and was notified there are no more ICU beds in the state of Arizona.

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Please tell me how going maskless isn't negligent homicide.

WARNING: Potentially disturbing.

National Guard troops unload bodies from one of the nine mobile morgue trucks at the El Paso medical examiner’s office.

The soldiers are wearing full PPE.

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The headlines from the 1918 pandemic are incredible.

2-4% of those infected die of COVID. Much higher depending on co-morbidities and age. Even those who don't die suffer greatly for qt least months, in many cases.

Any excuse for not wearing a mask you have is objectively immoral, and anti-humanist.

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We're past the point where you can pretend COVID is a hoax. 250k dead in the US.

Not wearing a mask is a Non-Aggression Principle violation.

You can't be certain you're not a carrier, and going maskless is proven to increase transmission rates.

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Pay everyone $1500 to get vaccine

It is a stimulus check & big vaccine incentive rolled into one

Result: more people get vaccine, it saves lives, helps people financially, and the $400 B pays for itself w/ economic boost from ending pandemic

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It's not a true Jewish Robot unless it tells you every morning how many days you have left to return it for a full refund. twitter.com/rodentsheriff/stat

This is huge.
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1/ 🚨 BREAKING: US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency proposes rule prohibiting large banks from discriminating against "legal but disfavored" customers like oil & gas biz, independent ATM operators and of course...

crypto companies.

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