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The doctor-patient relationship is broken: doctors are too overwhelmed to truly connect with their patients, and medical errors and misdiagnoses abound. @EricTopol@twitter.com explores how can help restore care & empower physicians in his new book, . bit.ly/DeepMedicine

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I work at Home Depot.

White guy: There is a man selling tamales out of the trunk of his car in the parking lot and disturbing costumers

Me: Thank you for that information

Me to tamale guy: Are you the guy selling tamales?

Tamale guy: yes

Me: I'll take three

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"Fungible vs non-fungible tokens on the blockchain" - @0xcert@twitter.com link.medium.com/gz2uUJYzwU

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Fungible vs non-fungible tokens on the blockchain by @0xcert@twitter.com link.medium.com/dEZgDijMhU

I found this picture in my archives for this day, 2010. Not entirely sure what it is of, but I like it. Shot with an old Cannon my mom used to have, so it's likely something from one of her vacations.

It's mystifying how we take for granted exactly how much time and effort it took to get us on the moon, and being able to see real artifacts that made the trip and back was very grounding. I really enjoyed the today with @jacoblihopkins@twitter.com

@mydogisahusky Possibly. I think a moderately competent lawyer could show how that wouldn't be a productive use of time and resources... and yes, I do know how hard those are to find.

@mydogisahusky Wyoming, Texas and Delaware are the states in the running, IMO.

Open call to lazyweb: I'm in need of advice from someone well-versed on . Preferrably someone who has deployed a live ERC884 contract for a real company. I have some questions about handling of different share-classes I'm not finding answers to in anything online.

@mydogisahusky yeah, I just don't get how that could be enforced if I hold my own keys.

"I'm sorry, your honor, I seem to have lost my private keys."

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@mydogisahusky @TallTim oh, I totally agree. It's massively important, because Samsung is massively popular, it could be as important as the coinbase boom in 2017.

It was my job to give answers; I just hated giving answers I felt were obvious.
It was hardest with children; they asked SO MANY silly questions! But... for every ten silly questions, there'd be one sensible one. So I did my best to be nice to them.
Hopefully the more children learned now, the less they'd seek me out as adults.

I patiently waited for the child in front of me to form their question.

"Mirror, mirror, in this library..."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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Umm, Mastodon has hit 2M users? I guess it is indeed getting somewhere.

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BREAKING: @IJ@twitter.com wins 9-0 in SCOTUS on Clause applying to states in challenge to civil !

Kavanaugh & Thomas write separate concurrences saying should be incorporated via Clause

Congrats to @the@thehottot@twitter.comase team! twitter.com/SCOTUSblog/status/

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