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MyPOV: Learn the secrets of @amazon @JeffBezos success with two early employees @cbryar @BillCarr89
Insights from their new book Working Backwards

Only on @DisrupTVShow w @ValaAfshar @rwang0


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A LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDER AND PUBLISHER. // After a year of enduring the economic repercussions of the pandemic, we were forced to lay off our staff this week. Yeah, it fucking sucks. But, with a little luck, our site will live on. bit.ly/3cactfw

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Mask use will persist because it also defeats face recognition.

Twitter suspending my account (over a stupid five gee joke) screwed up so many of my connected services.

Always super cringe when you see a nearby town's name trending on Twitter.

One of my Tik Tok pods has been experimenting with @NewsClapper and came to the conclusion that it's overrun with bots, much like the early Musical.ly days.

"Representatives from the Mastodon project didn’t immediately respond to an email asking if they shared the critics’ concerns."

Wait, what? I didn't receive no e-mail from Ars Technica. Where did they send it?!

@Neopatriarch i can't publicly disclose the nature of my clients' businesses, but in all cases, the fee paid is not really an issue, even with small dollar amounts.

@Neopatriarch my personal experience says otherwise. As an otc trader, a large percentage of my clients use it as a transaction layer for daily core business activity.

Anyone have an explanation for the $11T increase in 24 hours?

Bonkers that this person is in charge of the nation's finance system.

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If you're an outsider looking at Bitcoin it all looks like some crazy joke. Stop and realize there is something special happening here.

The world is adopting a better money. Your ordinary mental models of stocks, bonds, fiat money don't apply. Drop the ego and get learning.

Hologon by The Electronic Knights

This new Amiga 500 demo fits in the "How the fuck is that possible" category.

It was released offline two months ago, only by mail-swap on floppy disk. So yes, it also fits on a single floppy disk. 🙃



If the government actually sees bitcoin as a currency, they need to stop making us pay capital gains tax on it

They don’t charge capital gains on forex

GameStop frenzy brought the market 'dangerously close' to collapse, says Interactive Brokers founder Thomas Petterffy | Markets Insider

"There's another one coming!"
"Another one?"
"Is it not wondrous? All this time we thought we were alone in the universe. We aren't."
"We truly aren't. Should we greet them?"
"Can we know they want to meet us?"
"True. Let's not intrude."
The Martians watched the lander descend.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Facebook has banned news organisations from Australia.

Instead of the government grovelling to Zuckerborg for mercy, it should make a massive push for its citizens to move to the Fediverse.

They can do this by first moving all government accounts onto Fediverse apps.

Dread remains under a relentless DDoS attack. "Tor network is starting to break. We will keep scaling out. Until the Tor network crashes." Watch Reddit's /r/DreadAlert for updates. darknetlive.com/post/hugbunter

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