INB4 "the general presence of cryptocurrency is evidence of criminal activity."

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I often hear folks say they store their private keys in safe deposit boxes. I'm generally against that idea.
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Six months after the FBI raided hundreds of safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, it has produced no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the vast majority of box holders & it used a false drug trafficking accusation to try to take away a man’s life savings.

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Coinbase has inked their largest deal with the Feds yet, signing a $1.36M contract to provide ICE with financial surveillance software.


So, by way of update, the floor price on this has 10x'd in one week.

Keep an eye on this collection.

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The infrastructure bill passed by the Senate and now pending in the House contains an overlooked “digital assets” provision that would be a disaster if it becomes law.

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@nytopinion @DouthatNYT Things might seem bad now but what if we had to put up with ten times as many NYT opinion columns

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I am 30 years old and in my life time 2 Ukrainian banks closed down taking my savings with them. It didn't take long to convert me in

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To her grave, my grandmother always insisted she was just a government secretary during WWII but her children always suspected she was one of the “Code Girls.”

After her death, we found this in her papers.

I'm working on a new original NFT art series this week.

I'm planning on releasing it on @withFND.

I'm always hoping to optimize my releases for collectors, so open to any input.

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"forget kilos or pounds. give me the measurement in something I can easily understand, like grand pianos"

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Let’s stop for a moment and look around, isn’t it amazing to see the before and the now of yours and your friends journey in this space? I arrived in the NFT early this year and I’ve seen my artist friends evolve and grow in front of my eyes, becoming better and better! 🤍🤍🤍

The very fact these Johnny-come-lately's are talking about NFTs means its still got a ton of room to run, because 100% guaranteed they don't understand the market.

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I'll laughing out loud right now that Gartner is even covering NFTs.

5 years ago, I was the only enterprise tech guy talking about public blockchains and these guys said it was all hookers and blow.
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Gartner says NFTs are at the peak of inflated expectations, but DeFi has lots of room left to run

My guess is they come after OpenSea for insider trading before they come after the Fed.
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JUST IN - Federal Reserve officials, including Chairman Powell, owned securities that the U.S. central bank has bought during the pandemic (CNBC)

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She is one of us and we take for granted how much she sees when the rest of the world is still trying to make out shadows on a cave wall.

I wish, when you see someone you've blocked mentioned in a thread, there was some clue as to what moronic thing they said that made you block them.

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Some days I log on to and type in “92164-054” and look at my name. Never forget how low you once were. It’ll keep you always rising to the top! 5 years released today.

This is your crypto must-read for the day. I'm skimming it, and if I weren't so busy, I'd do a break down.

This situation could end up overturning old cases, potentially, including @RealRossU.

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