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You know, we wouldn’t have to worry about this sort of thing if cryptocurrency was illegal.

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If you aren't horrified by the fragility that trusted third parties create in our complex systems, consider this:

Heads of state, who are in control of nuclear weapons, are using this platform.

Gotta cut the rod down to size, but the screw holes are all half a size off. Gonna need to get creative on that fix.

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I called my sister to get her to take a 5G-COVID conspiracy off her Facebook page, and she's now trying to sell me essential oils for my psoriasis.

Controversial opinion: The government doesn't have the right to mandate you wear a mask or that you enforce social distancing on your property... but it is definitely a moral failing to not do so, and could contribute to needless deaths around you.

I guess it bears repeating since people I know well didn't realize this, but I've been following COVID-19 news and data releases in detail and chronicling it here on Telegram, since it's a better format for info dissemination than Twitter.
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Just a PSA: I have a COVID-19 telegram channel with periodic updates designed to not panic you, but give you positive, actionable info.


It's relatively low vo…

Fucking @hazesyah, the Dallas-based VC who beat his wife with a hammer, finds my COVID-19 facts so objectionable he blocked me.

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MyPOV: Virtual Meeting best practices:
Thank you twitter family!

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@Ian_Reynolds_ Just because you can put words in order, it doesn't mean that they mean anything.

Bari herself will likely be fine. There's plenty of places for edgelord ideologues to land in today's media landscape.

As a somewhat-reformed, definitely age-tempered edgelord ideologue, this is familiar territory and IMO not at all indicative of an alarming new trend in media.

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That is to say, she very much likes to say the quiet part out loud, and then act shocked when people are repulsed by her opinions.

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A lot of her "sins," looking over her most public viewpoints, seem to be taking controversial, nuanced viewpoints for the sake of it (i.e., "Kavanaugh shouldn't be disqualified from being a Justice because while he probably did the bad deed, he was 17.").

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I speak from experience: If your mission is completely redivert your corporate culture, you will have to be so indispensable that they can't fire you while also having amazingly thick skin (and a great health plan to cover all those blood pressure meds you'll be snacking on).

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I mean, I get her frustration, the big baddie here isn't cancel culture. It's corporate culture.

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There's a long section in her resignation letter where she basically is railing against not going against "The Narrative."

This is a sesquicentenary organization that has had hardcore progressive values for Bari's entire life. This isn't Big and Evil.

It's corporate culture.

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Another major grievance appears to be the loss of James Bennet, the editor who allowed the of Tom Cotton's "maybe we just kill black people with the military instead" editorial.

Maybe firing the guy was an overreaction, but holy cow was that Tom Cotton article objectively racist

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One of my first jobs ever was to sell the NYT subs to people in Georgia.

Trust me when I tell you that the NYT has always had a very narrow audience.

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The first quote I see that I'm struck by is that here we have an opinion editor for the New York Times complaining that the modern media landscape is forcing them to narrowcast to a small audience.

I have to laugh at that.

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