Declaring war on things is a non-starter.

If you're declaring war on a country, I'm generally against that.

If you're declaring war on a concept (i.e., Bloomberg's new "war on poverty"), you're just implying you'll waste a bunch of lives and resources and never win.

Guys, decentralized twitter already exists.

If you'd like to join, I have an instance up here:

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Work discussions today included facilitating portions of salary in bitcoin—and the operations and compliance concerns of doing so.

It never occurred to me this line of thinking about prohibited activities. These other hurdles are probably the only real impediments at this point.

When soundcloud finally croaks (again), will people's second tweet on a thread still start with "I don't have a soundcloud, but..." ?

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Microsoft got in trouble with for shipping a free browser with their OS, yet every OS now comes with a free browser. Users prefer inline results in Google versus clicking on shopping search engines.

Regulators often at odds with better user experience.

By deflecting consumers into FAQs and community forums and making it impossible to get a rep on the phone, fintech incumbents have lain the groundwork for their own undoing. People are relearning the self-sufficiency required for custody of assets w/o reliance on third parties.

I've referred edie out to corporate clients before who really appreciated her work and execution. Give her a look-see!
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commissions post :)

hi, edie here! i’m a freelance illustrator from brooklyn who’s down to make cover art, posters, portraits, tattoo designs, and any type of art for you. i love kitsch, excess, and absolute chaos.

DM me and i’d love to work together <3

Eggs, potatoes, avocados and cheese on a lo carb tortilla ala @ajirs2001.

It's my ! I have been on Twitter for 13 years, since 8 Dec 2006 (via @twi_age).

And of course, as always:

I now treat interactions with my banks the same way you're supposed to treat interactions with law enforcement: saying as little as possible, don't answer what you're not asked, and with the knowledge that EVERYTHING you say is going to be used against you to close your account.

Source: I've had 16 bank accounts shut down over bitcoin related activity this year alone. I've effectively learned all the pain points that lead to bank account audits. This combo is the most deadly.

Advice for Bitcoiners: Don't ever use Zelle and Coinbase/CashApp on the same bank account (or on different accounts but same bank).

Doing so will *ensure* your account will be closed, with the possibility of asset seizure.

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