He'll be back.

This was inevitable, though, and incredible validation for the threat these new blockchain platforms pose to the incumbents.
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@badcrypto: PewDiePie to Leave Blockchain Video Platform for Exclusive YouTube Deal

They're getting closer to understanding, but they're still 10 steps behind.
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Did congressman go too far on ? It’s amazing to hear him on Capitol Hill, during Fed Chairman Powell’s testimony to US congress, just now!

He trashed & Zuckerberg big time!

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@rizzn@twitter.com was Sim swapped

Listen at youtu.be/Tms8bIgR5qc

We talk to Mark Hopkins about the Sim swap & more.

BitBlockBoom! - Take a look at the Conference coming to , at BitBlockBoom.com

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👏Congratulations to @annebot@twitter.com, the FIRST female CEO leading the FIRST female-led company to complete a Security Token Offering under the ERC 884 standard!
@VeriToken_io@twitter.com secures, verifies and protects data & assets

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Don't Expect 's to Change,

Says Core Maintainer Wlad van der Laan

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This continues to be one of the most positive stories for crypto markets floating around right now.
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Samsung wallet rumours confirmed –– link

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In , forks aren't a failure, they are a much more peaceful alternative to the legacy, top down consensus mechanisms of lawsuits and guns.

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& Are Coming Together To Transform Drug Development
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Got a chance to visit with Stephen the other day at DNode's mining facility. Impressive as heck.

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Creating a 3rd with news/articles from my expert cousins.


Want to join us?

Keeping in mind CNBC is wrong 100% of the time on crypto predictions (say it with me): "This is actually good news!"
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Crytpo's market crash could be the beginning of something bigger. @Melt_Dem says is in a financial crisis.

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Talking With @rizzn@twitter.com - On Todays Crypto Cousins

Listen & subscribe on @ goo.gl/g3Cw5Y

Produced by CryptoCousins.com

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VR/AR Global Summit - Blockchain Event: Final Program Posted @RonSegev@twitter.com @rizzn@twitter.com @youARPDX@twitter.com @TheCryptoMoShow@twitter.com @ddonat@twitter.com thevrara.com/blog2/2018/9/19/v


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