Does that mean I can get unbanned for having mentioned the word Bitcoin in my memo fields on Venmo?
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So extremely proud to announce is finally live on !

He'll be back.

This was inevitable, though, and incredible validation for the threat these new blockchain platforms pose to the incumbents.
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@badcrypto: PewDiePie to Leave Blockchain Video Platform for Exclusive YouTube Deal

They're getting closer to understanding, but they're still 10 steps behind.
Did congressman go too far on ? It’s amazing to hear him on Capitol Hill, during Fed Chairman Powell’s testimony to US congress, just now!

He trashed & Zuckerberg big time!

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RT was Sim swapped

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We talk to Mark Hopkins about the Sim swap & more.

BitBlockBoom! - Take a look at the Conference coming to , at

👏Congratulations to, the FIRST female CEO leading the FIRST female-led company to complete a Security Token Offering under the ERC 884 standard! secures, verifies and protects data & assets

Don't Expect 's to Change,

Says Core Maintainer Wlad van der Laan

This continues to be one of the most positive stories for crypto markets floating around right now.
Samsung wallet rumours confirmed –– link

In , forks aren't a failure, they are a much more peaceful alternative to the legacy, top down consensus mechanisms of lawsuits and guns.

& Are Coming Together To Transform Drug Development v/

Got a chance to visit with Stephen the other day at DNode's mining facility. Impressive as heck.

Creating a 3rd with news/articles from my expert cousins.

Want to join us?

Keeping in mind CNBC is wrong 100% of the time on crypto predictions (say it with me): "This is actually good news!"
Crytpo's market crash could be the beginning of something bigger. @Melt_Dem says is in a financial crisis.

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VR/AR Global Summit - Blockchain Event: Final Program Posted


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