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MyPOV: Pls RT Inside the economy
are the digital experiences and worlds
provide the AI dynamic governance models
/ tech power value exchange
is the underlying infrastructure that guarantees privacy, ownership, and consent

Many of the companies I've worked with/for since @SiliconANGLE have kept their cash reserves in bitcoin.

This practice when employed has extended the runway and lifespan on the startups that took this route.

Interesting to see Ray's report on this becoming a standard practice.
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MyPOV: Must read!!! Pls share (RT)

Event Report: @MicroStrategy World - Enterprise @Bitcoin and The Future Of Digital Networks


He'll be back.

This was inevitable, though, and incredible validation for the threat these new blockchain platforms pose to the incumbents.
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@badcrypto: PewDiePie to Leave Blockchain Video Platform for Exclusive YouTube Deal

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Xi Jinping’s comments should light a fire underneath leaders in Western economies. It’s time to embrace this new technology or cede global economic leadership!

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5 women at the forefront of technology who are speaking at New York Blockchain week bit.ly/2Q26fD9 @ForbesCrypto@twitter.com @Forbes@twitter.com

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Talk about game changing! Albertsons Joins Food Trust Network To Track Romaine Lettuce From Farm To Store via @Forbes@twitter.com forbes.com/sites/rachelwolfson

h/t @Rachelwolf00@twitter.com cc: @annebot@twitter.com @rizzn@twitter.com @theRab@twitter.com @IBMBlockchain@twitter.com

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👏Congratulations to @annebot@twitter.com, the FIRST female CEO leading the FIRST female-led company to complete a Security Token Offering under the ERC 884 standard!
@VeriToken_io@twitter.com secures, verifies and protects data & assets

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was essentially a corporate death penalty. allows us the ability to self-regulate, especially with , but we may still see the congressional hearings on Big Tech lead to new laws.” - @annebot@twitter.com

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Wikipedia Co-Founder and Others Debate Blockchain Technology and Data Ownership at SXSW by @Rachelwolf00@twitter.com


@hackernoon@twitter.com h/t @lsanger@twitter.com @VeriToken_io@twitter.com @rizzn@twitter.com @ato_gallery@twitter.com @thebrichman@twitter.com @PhuStyles@twitter.com @EveripediaNews@twitter.com

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“We’re witnessing the creative destruction of financial services, rearranging itself around the consumer. Who does this in the most relevant, exciting way using data and digital, wins.” - Arvin’s Sankaran

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“Right now, the only other people really interested in NFT’s are gaming companies. What we need to do is unify, collaborate and bring developers together." - our @annebot@twitter.com chatting with @Rachelwolf00@twitter.com via @Forbes@twitter.com
Read more: ow.ly/pVVi30o384q

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Don't miss our CEO @AdamisGolden@twitter.com talk about our Fabric and how it's changing security for at the Ask Dr. Bitcoin Live in Richardson, TX.


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It’s happening tonight! panel at looking forward to moderating a fireside chat with @annebot@twitter.com & Brittany Kaiser on data privacy and blockchain speakers include @ato@ato_gallery@twitter.coml@GoldieChan@twitter.comr@adryenn@twitter.comn@monikaproffitt@twitter.comore!

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We're partnering up with to bring leading ladies to the stage. Join @Rachelwolf00@twitter.com, @annebot@twitter.com, , @asheshayes@twitter.com & Carrie Eldridge (@ato@ato_gallery@twitter.com The Riveter on Tues., 6pm

Check it out (link: bit.ly/2NTWAgR)

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