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BREAKING: @JoeBiden caught with cheat sheet for press conferences leading up to 2022.

Unpopular opinion: Senator Warren just did a fantastic job of setting up Jony with the questions to finally dispel the myth that bitcoin is only for hookers and blow.
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Senator Warren, with all due respect, when someone is trying to help you learn more about , the most important thing is to first listen with an open mind before passing judgment and criticism. @SenWarren

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The treasury finally admits that isn’t well suited for “illicit activity” immediately after a Senate hearing on the topic.

The USA is moving towards adoption. This is just the beginning.

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@SasquatchMuscle Me too. I don’t have any cryptocurrency anymore

Just patiently waiting for my gov’t issued surveillance money that’ll keep me safe from the big bad

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BREAKING: European Parliament postpones vote on and crypto regulation indefinitely

- CoinDesk

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Giga Energy uses natural gas waste to produce

And there's enough of this excess gas, that's just flared (burned) right into the atmosphere, to power the entire network 7 times over.

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BREAKING: California has introduced a bill to make  legal tender.

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JUST IN: The Canadian government sent a Mareva Injunction to @nunchuk_io, ordering them to freeze wallets and disclose user information.

Here’s how the team responded to the government.

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Contact us today to set up a tour of our showcase mine in Downtown Ft. Worth, and see how we can help get started on mining Bitcoin yourself!

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OFFICIAL: Ukraine passes law legalizing 🇺🇦

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BREAKING: U.S. Congressman @WarrenDavidson has just introduced the Keep Your Coins Act, protecting the ability to act as a self-custodian and conduct peer-to-peer transactions by prohibiting any agency from impairing this right.

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New Hampshire Gov. @ChrisSununu has signed an executive order establishing a commission to research current -related laws and recommend new ones as the state seeks to encourage innovation and attract entrepreneurs.⚡️

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BREAKING: Bill introduced in Congress to protect your right to self-custody and transact P2P.

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BREAKING: ConocoPhillips an energy company is putting $100 million into mining.

Ironically, the US already had these regulations in place (even applied to crypto) left over from 9/11.
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This is one of the best ads ever created

I don't see how anyone who understands how this system works can do the work required to perpetuate it without extreme guilt.
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Jon Stewart right before he fell down the rabbit hole 😆

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El Salvador’s $1 billion bond will be issued between March 15-20.

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It’s time to find a Democrat to replace Elizabeth Warren. She’s totally out of touch. Calling to ban .

She’s not here for the people. She’s here for the big banks who prey on the average American. Embarrassing.

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JUST IN - California based superfood chain Everbowl to convert their entire cash reserves to 🙌

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