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was NOT hacked
No bitcoin wallet was hacked, nor is even known to be possible. Ransom hackers used a rented cloud server. FBI got a subpoena and took control of it and recovered coins. That's it.

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Satellite infrastructure to be built, helping rural El Salvadorans 🇸🇻 connect to the internet, and thereby network, in places where land-based connectivity is poor.

@Blockstream plans to contribute their expertise and tech to make the nation a model for the world. 🌎

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No future U.S. presidential candidate can any longer ignore much less disparage the values of monetary freedom that are uniquely I don’t give a damn who they are or what party they’re running for.

Freedom is not about party, but allegiance to principles and values.

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Not a lawyer but if El Salvador actually signs the is legal tender thing into law, then bitcoin will be treated as any other foreign currency EUR, YEN, etc. and thus not be a capital gains inducing money. Source:

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El Salvador 🇸🇻 to become the first country in the world to hold on its balance sheet.

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@michael_saylor Marathon's "OFAC Compliant Blocks" are an attack on and a pure misrepresentation of how the system works from a fundamental level.

Of course some of you believe that this doesn't happen, and btc is minted out of literal coal.
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The mining firm Argo Blockchain annouced it has purchased two data centers, both are almost entirely powered by hydroelectricity. 🌊🍃♻️

20 megawatts of renewable energy, mining

I find it amusing that my number screener app blocks calls from JP Morgan-Chase due to "suspected scam/fraud."

I've preached this strategy to every company I've worked with since 2013. Very few have taken my advice, but 100% of those that have are still around.
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Convert your depreciating assets (cash) to appreciating assets (bitcoin).

Fascinating conversation with @michael_saylor on the corporate (and local) benefits of .

@rwang0 @ValaAfshar

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Dallas Federal Reserve President, “Right now it's clear is a store of value”

Sound advice as usual from @rwang0
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MyPOV: It's better to bet early on crypto. @coinbase

Speaking with @TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness

is truly an awesome joke they pulled on 'ers. Any Bitcoiner that's been around a few years knows it's designed to lose value, so it shook out all interest from them... and then tripled in value.

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Would you be excited to wake up every day and build the best team in ? @unchainedcap is looking for an experienced recruiter to help grow our awesome team. DM me or apply here:

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I just relocated from Italy to Panama.

Why 🇵🇦?
- 0% tax on capital gains
- 0% tax on foreign income
- Right to bear arms anchored in the constitution (only country except 🇺🇸)
- No central bank & the constitution forbids government to define legal tender


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This is my new favorite chart for all the people complaining about being wasteful.
67.5% of all energy in US is wasted. Bitcoin fixes this.

They went from is worthless beanie babies to is going to collapse society real fucking quick. LOL 😂

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The City of Miami is now drafting a resolution to put on their public balance sheet.

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Please stop using the word "seized".

Bitcoin can't be "seized" unless someone hands over their private key.

If they don't do that, you haven't seized the funds, end of story.

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There are inherently race conditions as is decentralised. Every few days two miners will find a block at about the same time by chance. One will win the tie break by others mining on top first. That will become the more final. Happens all the time, just how it works!

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