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The Texas-based mining facility @RiotBlockchain got a text earlier this year during intense weather, “The power grid needs support. Please curtail now.”

The company then immediately shut down their machines and provided their power to 20,000 additional Texan homes. 🏠

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Do your part to help restore the global hashrate.


Find a hash, win a . Paid directly to your wallet.

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Nigerian 🇳🇬 peer-to-peer   trading has grown to $204 million this year.

Yes. Very true. Federal law and what various states (both US states and foreign sovereign states) have very quickly diverging opinions on how this should go.
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For transactions in El Salvador, it will be nearly impossible for transaction parties to provide complete know-your customer information, as envisioned under the Bitcoin Law. Red flags by the Financial Action Task Force are imminent.

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Bitcoin came into existence after the relentless hard work and sacrifice of many cyberpunks.

Many had to undergo prison and death threats from authoritarian regimes.

was not designed to make us rich, it was designed to fight for our basic human rights.

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We should have approved a ETF long ago says SEC Commissioner. “With each passing day, the rationale that we have used in the past for not approving seems to grow weaker.” -Hester Peirce

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: Today, the US State Department named 14 El Salvadorans, many associated with the Bukele regime, as corrupt or undemocratic actors. First, it was El Salvador's Law. Now, the State Department is wielding the hammer. state.gov/reports/353-corrupt-

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BREAKING: 650 US Banks to Start Offering to 24 Million Clients via 135-Year-Old Payments Giant

Deeper dives into:
- CEO @jack: Bitcoin Lightning Network on Twitter ‘Only a matter of time’.
- Locked in: Taproot upgrade gets 90% mandate from nodes.
- @solanalabs raises $314M in new funding to develop faster blockchain tech.

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IS money.

The law in El Salvador says so. This argument is dead.

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El Salvador 🇸🇻 may soon be mining using volcanoes. 🌋

If all 644 MW of the wasted geothermal energy was used, El Salvador would become one of the largest miners in this hemisphere, while also being 100% renewable.

Also: El Salvador seeks to become the first country to make bitcoin legal tender. El Salvador President @nayibbukele announced that he intends to propose legislation that will make legal tender in his country.

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Also: @jack says @Square is considering a bitcoin hardware wallet. Square may be considering a hardware wallet for securely storing the cryptocurrency connected to the company’s @CashApp capability, reported @TheBlock__

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New Issue! Now that it's official that El Salvadore has declared legal tender, how does one tactically use it day to day? I've been doing this for years, and I talk about my tool kit in this issue.


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No, The USA government didn't hacked the private key of a Bitcoin Wallet. It is all FUD. Unsurprisingly.

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doesn't enable ransomware.

Security vulnerabilities enable ransomware.

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Why are the people attacking so ignorant? Where did all the smart ones go?

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