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Would you be excited to wake up every day and build the best team in ? @unchainedcap is looking for an experienced recruiter to help grow our awesome team. DM me or apply here: unchained-capital.com/careers/

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I just relocated from Italy to Panama.

Why 🇵🇦?
- 0% tax on capital gains
- 0% tax on foreign income
- Right to bear arms anchored in the constitution (only country except 🇺🇸)
- No central bank & the constitution forbids government to define legal tender


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This is my new favorite chart for all the people complaining about being wasteful.
67.5% of all energy in US is wasted. Bitcoin fixes this.

They went from is worthless beanie babies to is going to collapse society real fucking quick. LOL 😂

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The City of Miami is now drafting a resolution to put on their public balance sheet.

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Please stop using the word "seized".

Bitcoin can't be "seized" unless someone hands over their private key.

If they don't do that, you haven't seized the funds, end of story.

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There are inherently race conditions as is decentralised. Every few days two miners will find a block at about the same time by chance. One will win the tie break by others mining on top first. That will become the more final. Happens all the time, just how it works!

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"The Federal Reserve has no authorirty to regulate in anyway because there is no central issuer or network operator to regulate" - Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen (in 2014)

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My fishmonger liked my N95 mask today.

Him: “Are you really into bitcoin? What do you think about alts??”

Me: “Your grandchildren will appreciate it if you never sell your bitcoin.”

HODL on, purveyor of amazing Atlantic salmon... also a lovely shade of orange.

I don't understand how ETH guys can talk about themselves seriously as a second layer solution. This is a mess.
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Fees on ETH are $45 right now.

Imagine wrapping your on Ethereum & then having to pay $45 every time you want to use it or and pay the extortion fees to get it back to real Bitcoin?

ETH is pumped by whales, fundamentally broken - every pump prices out more use cases!

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i love that the Dems *watched* Goldman launder $6B for 1MDB and then happily appoint Goldman execs to their administration

yet claim funds financial crimes and limits fairness and access to underserved populations

the mental calisthenics are next level

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Paxful is one of the most impactful companies IMO.

Just had a great chat with @raypaxful ... I'm pretty excited at what his team is doing for MoE use case globally.

A pro-Bitcoin company building out a scaling layer for p2p Bitcoin usage globally. More of this plz.

Alex is a pillar in the bitcoin community. He's been the first moderator of the first bitcoin community hundreds of thousands have joined over the years.
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Your Help Is Needed!
Unfortunately my main PC just died on me recently. Which affected my work a lot. Full details on the linked page. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Thank you all in advance.

Don't take financial advice from comedians.
Portnoy’s sold is now worth:

$337,560 (+69%)

Nice, @stoolpresidente

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Larry Fink of @blackrock and Mark Carney of @bankofengland discussing $BTC as a threat to US Dollar Dominance. Not just Gold.

Thanks for sharing the full video @PrestonPysh - I think everyone should see this snippet...

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It’s easy to explain to people now with zero exposure thanks to @PayPal’s onboarding.

ME: “Click crypto.”

NEW PERSON: *Gazes at chart* “Oh so it’s money.”

ME: “A form of currency yes. It’s a store of value. $BTC is wealth preservation.”

The neurons are firing faster.

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Warning: If you own the same amount or less, of Bitcoin, than your parents, you are doing things wrong.

Who else has been there for all eras?

I dabbled in cypherpunk lists in the '90s, but wasn't a bitcoiner until '11.
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2009-11, cypherpunk

2011-14, early adopters, Max & Stacy intro BTC to the world, Mt Gox

2014-17, Alt-coins, ICO’s, $20,000

2018-20, Bitcoin establishes its predominance. Alt-coins die off

2020; The @michael_saylor era of ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

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