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So, let’s get this straight. The Wall Street Journal, a company worth $5 billion with 3.5 million readers, says that , an asset worth $575 billion and over 80 million users, is a ‘failed experiment’.

I guess sometimes stats don’t help a story.

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BREAKING: 🇨🇳 Shanghai High People’s Court has declared is a legal virtual property protected under Chinese law.

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People who hate for its energy usage should look into lawns.

Far worse for the environment. Pretty much 0 benefits—indisputably negative net value to society.

I want to see a multi-million dollar Greenpeace campaign against lawns lol

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▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░ 49.9%

731 days left ($39138 per )

I had a great convo with BJ that mostly centered on my work with @MetakingdomGame and @LOM__Official, but this snippet talked about environmental impact of blockchain technology.
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In this clip from WAYWO.TV, I am joined by @rizzn to talk about the environmental impact of Bitcoin, how it's (slightly) overstated, and what's being done to mitigate it.

I definitely spent 1 BTC on this.
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💥 10 years ago today, the first-ever edition of Magazine officially went to print.

A single issue cost 1 BTC ✨

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MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS - The nation of Panama has officially passed a bill to give legal status to as well as eliminate all capital gains.

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Mora et al. research paper backstory (Bitcoin emissions could push global warming above 2°C)

TLDR-Mora didn't write the paper. It was a 2 page undergrad class project teaching the writing/publishing process w/ no understanding of BTC

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BREAKING: Finland to donate $77 million in to Ukraine.

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They printed $10,000,000,000,000 gave out $1,400 in stimmy checks, sent the rest to their homies and left you with 8% inflation.

Brilliant for a few, very painful for you. That’s the fiat system. fixes this.

It's like you can make anything seem believable if you have a footnote for it.

It's worth noting that the source for this information is an "analyst" funded by a central bank called "Dogeconomist."
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“A single transaction could power the avg US household for a month” 🚩🚩🚩

Unfortunate, but I get it. It'd be difficult to make the necessary transitions to make their money sound or shift to a legal tender situation like el Salvador while they're's a war on.

Also, it's not a full ban, but a cap on purchases... shoddy headline writing.
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BREAKING 💥 Ukrainian central bank BANS purchases with the local currency 🇺🇦

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Greatest book combo from .

Thank you @FreeRossDAO for the Railroaded book 🏴‍☠️✨
This origin story of @RealRossU’s Silk Road tale is essential bitcoiner read.

Thank you @gladstein for your relentless work on educating about how can empower: Freedom go up💥🚀

I'm baffled by bitcoiners who support Twitter's governance centralization into Elon's hands, given his history.
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It’s been less than a year since Elon bought and then tried to change and then began shilling memecoins and threatened to dump all his bitcoin because we wouldn’t cave. And some of you think he’s some kind of saviour for Twitter.

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NEW - U.S. senator Ted Cruz: I'd be fine with making legal tender. This is an incredibly blossoming industry. 👏

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