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I've got a collection of letters like these.
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If you invest in, or build, bleeding edge tech companies on , expect those accounts to be shut down by legacy banks like @BankofAmerica

Where was that chart I saw a week or two ago where hedge funds were all losing to $spy?
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I have just released the full trading report on politicians in 2021.

In short, many beat the market.

They traded more than ever before.

And they made numerous unusually timed trades, resulting in huge gains.

Read it here:

I can't tell which side of the curve this shitpost is.

If it's a metaphor, I'm not plugged in enough to wsb to get it.
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There's a hundred responses listed on the @Techmeme thread. How is it no one is calling this clown to the carpet for monetizing his app with a literal shitcoin while he attempts to come up with reasons for us all to ignore web3?
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Moxie is monetizing his app with a half baked shitcoin, but web3 is the problem.

No, you get off MY lawn.

Moxie is monetizing his app with a half baked shitcoin, but web3 is the problem.

No, you get off MY lawn.

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6. Former Mashable writer @rizzn said if you're looking for promotion:

"Talk to Louis Gray. Forget product evangelist. When he likes something, he's a one man crusade."

You can't tell me the establishment isn't feeling threatened by cryptocurrency with a straight face.

... and all you edgelord blockchain and crypto haters who see this day in and day out will ultimately have to admit you've aligned yourself with those who seek to exploit you.
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there’s your headline

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new chainalysis report confirms once again that illicit use of cryptocurrency is a minuscule part of its overall volume

only 0.15% in 2021

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the economist repeats the lie that PoS is inherently more scalable than PoW, ignoring the fact that scalability is entirely about throughput, which is consensus agnostic

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found this online and can't stop laughing at it. why does it work in every direction

I've written about this griftfluencer several times in my substack.

He's painting a picture that crypto people are antisemitic terrorists.

It's an unhinged and dangerous narrative.
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this is so insane lmao

bitcoin is somehow related to the protocols and elders of zion(????) and the formation of the federal reserve and the bolshevik revolution were historically equivalent (???????????)

idc what you think ab…

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