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eric we were on show together called sealab 2021. i was hesh. eric: wow man i’ve never met one of you guys. i drive around lot looking for a spot i see him again jump out and get a pic. he says take that spot that just opened up. me: gracias mi amigo. feliz navidad. eric: de nada

Of course the icing on the cake is that the Twitter user in the screenshot is a ML leftist that makes their living on ad supported websites (the Young Turks and Twitch).

Redefining capital is ostensibly in her worldview, yet she refuses to buck the establishment.

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The purpose of art may be to be enjoyed rather than owned, but creative work is labor, and a creator ought to be able to benefit from that labor how they see fit without Keanu and William gatekeeping it.

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Bitcoin needs a small miracle for a 100K Christmas. Will I ditch S2F model if this does not happen? Nah, I actually like being at the lower bands. In fact I published the model at the lower bands in March 2019 with btc below 4K.

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"Crypto is just for speculation."
You've clearly never visited El Salvador, NH, or Townsville.

Alternative money to govt fiat isn't a pipe dream, it’s a reality. It’s just a matter of time before people realize they have options.

This is perfectly normal and completely ok.
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80% of all dollars in existence were created in the last two years.

This is probably why prices are starting to rise.

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13 years in the making. I hold grudges forever

I'm trying something new. I'm making nfts out of nocoiner Twitter trolls.

That way when the right clickers come along, they're helping me lampoon their pals for fun and profit.

First up, @chhopsky and @smdiehl.

A v. cool looking generative art series.
Here are a few samples from my 7400 piece generative NFT collection DEGENERATE/REGENERATE - minting begins end of this week.

Blockchain companies need to actually pay UX designers or something just for their public websites.

I've been staring at the CELO blockchain website for five minutes trying to figure out where the human readable tech descriptions are, and all I can find are vision statements.

My photo album reminded me that 15 years ago today I was hanging out with Satya Nadella at a Microsoft event in San Francisco.

No mention of the normal offramps most use, like ATMs or crypto cards.

Seems legit.
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the geniuses over at the @openmarkets (whatever the hell that is) decided that a typical stablecoin remittance flow includes a bank wire, of all things. this is official senate testimony

This image floating around today (with @NeerajKA's commentary) is a perfect bookend to this thread.

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keep the web free (controlled by 5 companies that manipulate what you see to sell more ads)

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Yet another example how how cryptocurrency incentivizes green energy investment.

How many examples need to pile up before banking industry-funded studies are considered debunked?
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🌊 This company claims its new facility, powered by the Niagara River, can mine the sustainably

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An editor recently rejected 1 of my pitches claiming low-income women *can’t* use bitcoin. Trying to offer evidence to the contrary. Very curious to hear from women who started their bitcoin journey while earning less than $60K/year 👀🤔 DMs welcome! 🙂

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