All the brand accounts that pander to zoomers have switched to posting anti-NFT memes.

These interactions sorta say it all about the mindset of an NFT hater.

That's why when I see a situation like this, I know that establishment narratives are actively harming the disenfranchised.

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this image is alot more funny than it needs to be

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2015: Vitalik builds Ethereum because Activision Blizzard nerfs warlock in WoW.
2021: NFTs take off on Ethereum, gaming looks to follow.
2022: Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard in metaverse race.
2024: Microsoft launches metaverse running on Ethereum using DAO governance.

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Move over, . It’s Gold’s time to shine ✨😉

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@TroyBakerVA dude, there are literally people freezing in New York right now because blockchains used up so much power that it raised their energy bills, and now people can't afford to pay for heat. There is no artistic value in this, its just money and scams with the facade of art.

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Being such a douchebag your own troops don’t want to fight for you is a winning strategy for Goldman Gary.

All we have to do is grind them down, wait them out, let them implode.

I've just been buying the ones I like the look of, damn!
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@OBEYGIANT Completed my DEGENERATE/REGENERATE puzzle right before the holidays. This quickly became my favorite series!! 🧩

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I'm excited to see how different metaverses will approach digital real estate.

Mean tweets, crypto edition.
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What are the craziest and most unhinged criticisms of me you've seen on twitter or elsewhere? Here are a few good ones, I wonder what else people have seen that I haven't!

The algorithm is trolling me today with these ads.

This one makes me so angry.

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