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If you’re in Austin, here’s how to testify. You can register your position on capitol WiFi.

Tweet at your reps.

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Digital Currency Bill has a public hearing today. Such Notice!

Austin Friends plz try to attend and let me know what went down.


This shot of my ASICminers form 2014 popped up in my history today. Then, like now, was a bit of a rough time for . Things are starting to look back up, though.

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We're living in a cyberpunk future:

“Fooling automated surveillance cameras: adversarial patches to attack person detection” arxiv.org/abs/1904.08653

Got a snap of the giant Sam Houston statue on the drive up from back to .

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Doom Patrol S1E8 Danny Patrol is one of the best episodes of TV this year. @TheDCUniverse@twitter.com should make it public.

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If someone actually figured out how to make my webcam and microphone work on Linux it would be worth more than $1k in bitcoin or whatever they're asking for nowadays.

I love @karaswisher@twitter.com's perspective on this. I don't think it needs to be regulated, I think modern social media needs to die.

Federation and decentralization solve a lot of these problems because communities that cease to be functional will be outperformed by good ones.
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Kara Sw@karaswisher@twitter.comunder and executive editor of Recode, is pushing big tech CEOs to take a more ethical approac…

There's a local life insurance company here in Dallas that must be some sort of MLM deal. Every week, there's a new person from this agency that tries to friend me on LinkedIN and get me to buy life insurance.

Every week. Like clockwork.

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Expectation Vs Reality

“Reality is Often Disappointing”

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