I've referred edie out to corporate clients before who really appreciated her work and execution. Give her a look-see!
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commissions post :)

hi, edie here! i’m a freelance illustrator from brooklyn who’s down to make cover art, posters, portraits, tattoo designs, and any type of art for you. i love kitsch, excess, and absolute chaos.

DM me and i’d love to work together <3

Eggs, potatoes, avocados and cheese on a lo carb tortilla ala @ajirs2001.

Throwback to six years ago, my rig. Believe it or not, this was a solidly profitable rig!

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Hey twitter sold all my anime shit to buy my first anime tattoo shop... I’m located in down town Dallas Texas .. opening day is dec 7Th I hope this goes viral so I can start my anime collect over !

Creamy eggs, cheese and avocado on a low carb tortilla. Coffee with a splash of .
Getting back on my ish. ☕️ ala @ajirs2001.

I was invited to apply for the CIO spot at @CareerBuilder , but got this error when submitting the form on their website.

I'm right down the road. I can come over now and help troubleshoot, if it's this urgent to fill the position!

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I am speaking at @MassiveAdoption in Memphis, Tn. & the title of my session is “OK Boomer, it’s time to discover Bitcoin”.

This will force me to move forward on my book while I prepare for my talk.

Here is the new logo that @BitkoYinowsky created for me.

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Equifax takes your data. Equifax sells your data. Equifax loses your data.

YOU have to write the Court to object to the unfair Equifax settlement or accept it forever. To object, you need a PRINTER, a STAMP, and a LAW DEGREE. Your deadline is 11/19.

This is privacy in America.

Further proof that the IRS isn't equipped for bitcoin.
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The IRS has said their recent guidance on airdrops doesn’t apply to…........ airdrops news.bloombergtax.com/daily-ta

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