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The future of Facebook's Libra coin

Just moved the last items out of my offices at @RogerWilcoAGCY@twitter.com.

Just a few papers left to file, and the company will be shut down completely. End of an era, but on to bigger things!

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@NeerajKA@twitter.com FaceBank will serve as a welcome decoy; let the state expend its energy fighting big tech. Put on a show while the rest of the world watches and learns the importance of money that government cannot stop. ₿

To that end, though, I don't know where I've ever claimed to be rich. I'm not rich. I live in a modest house, and have invested most of my capital into my family and my companies. I'm very much not rich.

Still, looking forward to being "exposed."

I'm looking at Libra from a practical perspective as an OTC trader.

I'm thinking that this is a great onramp to Bitcoin.

They'll use it because it's "delivering on the promise of the Internet of Money," and then they'll switch to Bitcoin once this fails to deliver.

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"Well, it is finally official: Murder is legal in the state of California." - Norm Macdonald, SNL, 1995.

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This girl taking selfies while this guy talks about bitcoin is like peak 2019

I am shocked... SHOCKED at the suggestion that the US would engage in subterfuge to start a war.
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Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran.

Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies OPENLY suggests that the US should do this with Iran. Gives historical examples.


I said "Let's take a picture for ," and this is the pose I get. Love you, sweetie.

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Iron Man's lakeside cabin is yours to rent on @Airbnb@twitter.com! Channel your inner Tony Stark by spending some quality time in his cabin. (The same cabin is in @GodzillaMovie@twitter.com too!) Read more in my @CNET@twitter.com article here: cnet.co/2F66zfL
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Ever seen an movie phone transmission antennae up close? Spotted this one in a downtown parking garage.

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The New York Times writes that tech companies don't care about your privacy. Meanwhile they have started blocking Chrome's Incognito mode

There's also my group chat, t.me/DoctorBitcoin, which took this news in characteristic stride.

In the ongoing saga of me being targeted by scammers and hackers, just putting this out there that this isn't me on Telegram. My only account is t.me/AskDoctorBitcoin

Had to make this step-down contraption to attach to the pool drain pump.

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