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You know, we wouldn’t have to worry about this sort of thing if cryptocurrency was illegal.

Gotta cut the rod down to size, but the screw holes are all half a size off. Gonna need to get creative on that fix.

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Fucking @hazesyah, the Dallas-based VC who beat his wife with a hammer, finds my COVID-19 facts so objectionable he blocked me.

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MyPOV: Virtual Meeting best practices:
Thank you twitter family!

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IRS: You owe us money

Me: How much?

IRS: You have to figure that out

Me: What if I pay too little?

IRS: We penalize you

Me: What if I pay too much?


We just finished the run of solo adventures before the big game (obv, we can't watch the unreleased Black Widow show).

This is my favorite group of films, honestly. It's hard to pick my favorites. There's a lot of emotional range in them, and each has a unique style.

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First instrument off the line, an electric violin.

The core is just natural PLA+. I'm experimenting with electroplating, and want to have a chrome/brass mixed metal look to it when I'm finished.

My friend, accomplished dungeon master and published author, Seth Skorkowsky, ladies and gentlemen.
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I confess, there was a time that the 'Dick-Biting Face-Stabbing' monster would have been my favorite D&D monster to use. Every dungeon and most sketchy buildings would be packed with them, all hankering to bite dicks and stab faces.
Also, by "there was a time," I mean "always"

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Come check out the stores new additions, and let your cheeks have a rest.


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I remember when these things couldn’t walk without assistance 👀

I've spoken privately to some of you about your use of dogwhistles. To a T, you all claim to not know how they crept into your vernacular.

I present to you, the solved mystery.

Stop watching FOX News.
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TW: Incredibly racist language

This is Blake Neff, the head writer for @TuckerCarlson's show who was forced to resign today after years of posting vile racist comments under a pseudonym "CharlesXII" (a nod to a …

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When you are 4 years old and lockdown is starting to frustrate you

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Hello Homo sapiens, random update. Widget has all 4 legs and can stand.

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