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Paul Rudd dancing to September is exactly what I needed today...

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Larry Ellison’s statement about the TikTok deal shows that he is the only tech CEO who can talk to teens in a relatable manner

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This is typical DC. They exist in a landscape starved for in home entertainment and can't make money.
Two years after it launched as a home for scripted originals and library content, DC Universe is officially exiting the scripted landscape and transitioning to a comics-centric platform thr.cm/a9s9ZYC

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High fees killed Ethereum's use case - DeFi ponzis.

Only CZ, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can save DeFi money games now.

Any time ETH tries to get above $400, the rube goldberg machine breaks (fees at hundreds of dollars = worse than Bitcoin ever was.)

DeFi devs, port to BSC!

These are limited edition patterns. They'll probably be sold out by end of day!
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New listing: Halloween Friends Face Mask by WeGotUsSomeMasks. ift.tt/3hAnurh

I started using x.ai to prevent that. It was mostly effective, but then people complain that they can't find time to meet with you and blame the "stupid AI scheduling assistant."
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Microsoft "Scheduling Assistant" is a huge pain for anyone who uses multiple calendars (like me). My whole life is not in the work calendar. People book meetings over my appointments, parent/teacher calls, workouts, and anything no…

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anyone else seeing this when they open their app?

Every time i read a DeFi tutorial on getting 300% APR, they never seem to account for all those astronomical tx fees.

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Haha. I've just spent 5 minutes manually decoding this binary message from season 5 of Silicon Valley and it says, "FIND A HOBBY FOR GOD'S SAKE" 😂

Have you ever, in your life, had a pizza delivered to the wrong house?
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A SWAT team raided the WRONG HOUSE with a no-knock warrant. The 79-year-old victim was watching the news in 2018 when the flash-bang grenade went off in his house. We just got the footage from a federal appeal. The full investigation Thursday after football on UpLate @11AliveNews

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Just been reminded that for a few decades in the first century CE, the Roman Empire was absolutely flooded with weird sex-coins and we're still not 100% why.

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