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"Fungible vs non-fungible tokens on the blockchain" - @0xcert@twitter.com link.medium.com/gz2uUJYzwU

I found this picture in my archives for this day, 2010. Not entirely sure what it is of, but I like it. Shot with an old Cannon my mom used to have, so it's likely something from one of her vacations.

It's mystifying how we take for granted exactly how much time and effort it took to get us on the moon, and being able to see real artifacts that made the trip and back was very grounding. I really enjoyed the today with @jacoblihopkins@twitter.com

This continues to be one of the most positive stories for crypto markets floating around right now.
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Samsung wallet rumours confirmed –– link

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An Apple IIe. Sat in my parents’ attic for years. Decades.

And it works.

Put in an old game disk. Asks if I want to restore a saved game.

And finds one!

It must be 30 years old.

I’m 10 years old again.

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The "SPUDwrite": A DIY e-ink word processor. There's an LCD showing your live typing (because the e-ink refresh rate is too slow) and a thermal-paper printer, making the whole thing so bonkers that I am COMPLETELY IN hackaday.com/2019/02/18/offlin

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BREAKING NEWS: The Network has successfully routed traffic through the Great Firewall of !

WARNING: if you live in China please wait for PRODUCTION version

Full Video: youtu.be/S_-a85G0zjs

Special shoutout to @bastiaan007@twitter.com for his amazing help.


A lady from Lexis-Nexis (a legal research company) had me pegged wrong. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for their service.

Working today on adapting a piece of hardware I designed for @robokindrobots to work with a significantly less sophisticated (technologically speaking) .

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If Bitcoin was a payments company this would be its sales...

Total fees paid to miners by year:
2010: $3.8k
2011: $33k
2012: $66k
2013: $2.2m
2014: $2.5m
2015: $2.3m
2016: $13.6m
2017: $555m
2018: $296m

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I stood there for three cycles through just because ai wanted this photo of the one and only @annebot@twitter.com was awesome to see you again Anne. Keep rocking the Startup world |

Looks like I was wrong, @fjccoin@twitter.com ... I am an SV Hodler.

Wearing my standard issue uniform today: hoodie and startup branded tee.

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"I pledge to be ambitious and challenge groupthink." We are proud of our CEO ⁦@annebot@twitter.com⁩ and we are excited to be an at

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