Mine is currently en route!
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Requesting the favor of a RT.

MyPOV: Learn why is not enough in a world of . How to build, partner, and set fair regulations.

Pre-order the book and get the first 3 chapters today!



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El Salvador πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» may soon be mining using volcanoes. πŸŒ‹

If all 644 MW of the wasted geothermal energy was used, El Salvador would become one of the largest miners in this hemisphere, while also being 100% renewable.

Not enough credit is given to the volunteer crisis PR wing of cryptotwitter.

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Why are the people attacking so ignorant? Where did all the smart ones go?

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Satellite infrastructure to be built, helping rural El Salvadorans πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» connect to the internet, and thereby network, in places where land-based connectivity is poor.

@Blockstream plans to contribute their expertise and tech to make the nation a model for the world. 🌎

Balling my eyes out listening to @RealRossU.

We hear you, we love you, and we are going to continue defending freedom.

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a year later, the oakland police department now admits it lied when it said protesters were throwing rocks and preparing moltov cocktails before they teargassed them oaklandside.org/2021/06/02/oak

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β€œWe want to participate in the NFT space as a part of the bitcoin community.” - @Playboy staff at about using Liquid via @Blockstream 🐰

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BREAKING: In 6-3 vote, Supreme Court narrows scope of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, landmark cybercrime law, ruling that it doesn't cover situations where people who are authorized to access a computer system do so for improper reasons. supremecourt.gov/opinions/20pd

I'm headed to downtown Dallas today for a couple meetings in case anyone wants to grab a coffee.

If you haven't had enough pain from birdsite today, watch Grimes bungle Marx's analysis on a fully automated workforce, and then a bunch of technologically illiterate ancoms discuss AI.
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lmao please what the fuck is grimes talking about

Creating galleries to showcase some of the NFTs I've collected.

One of the first artists I've collected pieces from is


I am only a so-so skydiver. I'm lucky to hit the correct field I'm aiming for. I can't IMAGINE this level of precision.
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Luke Aikins 25k ft jump without a parachute got my heart pumping this morning.


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It goes even deeper than that: The problem of synchronizing clocks is ultimately an insoluble one. Bitcoin offers a practical solution to this impossible problem.

You can not solve this problem without introducing a new arrow of time, a distinction between past and future.

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