I'm tired of this brand of thought leadership in Bitcoin/Crypto space. This makes all of us look ridiculous.

I long for the days when conspiracy theories weren't normalized.

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CEO of PayPal, "We're going to allow cryptocurrencies to be a funding source for any transaction happening on all 28 million of our merchants."


Snap announces Spotlight, a vertically scrollable TikTok-like feed inside Snapchat, and will pay $1M every day to users who create the top Snaps through 2020


Please tell me how going maskless isn't negligent homicide.

WARNING: Potentially disturbing.

National Guard troops unload bodies from one of the nine mobile morgue trucks at the El Paso medical examiner’s office.

The soldiers are wearing full PPE.

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The headlines from the 1918 pandemic are incredible.

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I feel like gen z wouldn’t believe this was an unedited image from a real commercial that played several times a day across prime time network television

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
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Because in the 1980’s, every idea was a good idea.

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@jfnewbery You know it's to protect against money laundering and terrorists! 🤣

Just kidding...

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At one Texas prison nearly 6% OF THE POPULATION has died of COVID-19.

Not 6% of the covid patients died, but 6% of the entire prison population.

That's according to a fabulous new report out today. Here's a thread w/some other 🤯 data: repositories.lib.utexas.edu/bi

I don't think lockdowns are a very smart way to attack the virus, especially in a country built on the concepts of individual liberty, but you can't say they don't work when they're applied uniformly.
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We have been at Level 5 lockdown in Ireland since October 21st. It's painful (and widely-deployed testing would be much better) but it certainly is effective.

The right will still cry foul, even though there was a tri(!)-partisan audit team.

I only know this because I have had the conversation in meat space several times with my conservative friends.

"The fraud is self-evident!"
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It's official. We completed our hand count audit and had a 100% match! Thank you to all 3 Maricopa County political parties, who appointed members to participate!

I was just remarking to my conservative friend that the shrill protestations of the right this year sound just like the same butthurt rhetoric the left produced in the wake of the '00 and '04 elections.
This is so good.

when the EU asks us for the keys to your LBRY channel

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Video of ‘ballot stuffing’ is not from a Flint, Mich., polling place. It’s from Russia. (The double-headed eagles were dead giveaways.) Pants on Fire! bit.ly/2TXM8J4

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