Another creature pic. You might be focused on this armadillo thing walking upright in the foreground, but that means you missed the llama-leach thing in the background.

I've refrained from saying too much negative stuff about the direction my former compatriots at have taken it without me, but I just can't stay silent on this one.

The decision to revert back to our original orange color scheme is not great. Not a fan!

I can’t believe I forgot to tweet that I have a certain ice scraper back in stock

All breakfast. Almond pancakes, eggs over easy, hash, , coffee and almond milk. Thanks to @ajirs2001.

Monthly Bitcoin job openings are up 137% since December 2017.

Monthly dApp development is up 182% since December 2017.

Crypto is alive and well.

Don't tell the skeptics, this will be our little secret. 🤫

Got Margin Called......

On Tinder.

I'm still playing a lot of . Trying to set up a base close to galactic center. Spent a lot of time doing this, yesterday.

I can't stop watching this.
I think about this man every day

This may come as a shock for you, but as it turns out I'm kind of a big deal.

On Google Maps.

The fines paid by just these 10 banks over 10 years from 2008-2017 are larger in aggregate than the entire current market cap of all public cryptocurrencies.

Creating a 3rd with news/articles from my expert cousins.

Want to join us?

I feel like my trolling on is some of the most underappreciated work I do, considering these people know where I live.

What the hell is managed blockchain?
And that's clearly changed... @ajassy just announced Amazon Managed Blockchain to create and mananage scalable blockchain networks.

"Rob R." from @rackspace updated the ticket with a false narrative of what occurred.

Do I need to provide a transcript to the public of how this phone call went? Rob was all but calling me an idiot on the phone and can't IMAGINE why I was irate.

My little buddy staying warm... hey, did you pick my pocket?

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