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El Salvador has started mining using the renewable energy from Volcanoes. 🌋

NFT drop as a press tour for political awareness.

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⚡️⚡️⚡️ 29 sep: PUSSY RIOT's "ACAB" nft drop 📈


12 am - @FWBtweets discord talk
1 pm - Pussy Riot's discord talk
3 pm - 222 pieces drop
4 pm - 1/1 on superrare
4 pm - twitter spaces w @gmoneyNFT
7 pm - BIG twi spaces

proceeds -> pussy riot's art x women's charities🔥🚔

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Beam me up.

The most amazing NFT. Look at me 100 meters/yards away in front of the Starship Enterprise. It’s 3D, can rotate, and I can walk around it (takes me five min to walk around it)

NFT is on Veve. This is the 1:1 model.

So does Ryan.

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If SEC & @GaryGensler actually cared about protecting investors, it would allow GBTC shareholders to redeem shares - which have been trading at a 15% discount to par for months - under a Reg M program.

That would save investors $3.5 BILLION!

Too busy "protecting" from airdrops.

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My dad made a “meme” and asked me to spread it as far as I can so here you go

I hate to shit all over the creative works of a team who undoubtedly put their heart and soul into the work, but the team behind Jodie's run as doctor never hit a stride anything close to approaching previous teams.

I can't imagine this is anything but good news for Whovians.
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Russell T Davies to return as Doctor Who Showrunner to celebrate the 60th anniversary in 2023, and series beyond. BBC St…

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crypto boomers waking up to news that China is banning Bitcoin

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@twobitidiot Nor should we have enemies of American innovation, progress and Web3 dominance sitting in the United States Senate.

This type of nonsense from @SenFeinstein sheds some light on why our country has fallen to 18th place in digital payments adoption globally.

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Checking out Feeds Mage -- "Discover great blogs lost in your Twitter timeline" producthunt.com/posts/feeds-ma by @albigiu h/t @chrismessina for hunting!

I was about to say hard pass on browsing history, but then I remembered I know how to operate a computer and this would be an easy system to manipulate, so I guess I'm OK with it.
LBRY doesn't show up in your web-browsing history 😏

By the way, looking to sell your ADB Cover NFT after you redeem your subscription? Good news! There's an instant-liquidity marketplace on @NFTX_ the whole collection.


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To her grave, my grandmother always insisted she was just a government secretary during WWII but her children always suspected she was one of the “Code Girls.”

After her death, we found this in her papers.

I'll laughing out loud right now that Gartner is even covering NFTs.

5 years ago, I was the only enterprise tech guy talking about public blockchains and these guys said it was all hookers and blow.
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Gartner says NFTs are at the peak of inflated expectations, but DeFi has lots of room left to run

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Some days I log on to bop.gov and type in “92164-054” and look at my name. Never forget how low you once were. It’ll keep you always rising to the top! 5 years released today.

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