Them: I'm pretty sure COVID was a weaponized lab-engineered virus.
Me: Here's a study from virologists say it wasn't.
T: Most academics are not capable of thinking outside the box
M: If you're not going to trust virologists about how virii work, who will you trust?
T: Myself.

A Venezuelan naval warship tried ramming a cruise ship and the warship sank.

Venezuela then blamed the cruise ship for "cowardly and criminal" behavior, "since it did not attend to the rescue of the crew".

Wow. This is the city Dinosaur, Colorado today where the city’s namesake has returned for the first time since 1813. The earth is healing, we are the virus

Jokes on me.

All this time I could have owned a tiger for $2,000 and I bought a one-touch espresso machine instead.

Ted Danson being taught how to floss is still one of the purest things

If the fed has more ammunition to help the economy now, why were they withholding help before the crisis?
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The Federal Reserve says they have infinite cash.

"When it comes to lending [printing money], we’re not going to run out of ammunition"

Nextdoor is the literal worst, but I just made 100 bucks selling my old crappy appliance on it, so...

Bernie fucking flaming everyone on the senate floor just now

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$1200 is enough to get a supreme money gun and have ~$800 left over to shoot

I'm in an open-source MAKEr chat trying to figure out how to make an open source ventilator, and one of these guys just posted teh wikipedia article for ventilator.

I've been paying my kids allowance in bitcoin for 5 years. Thank goodness they're prepared.
👋 Are you a human stuck at home w/moderate to considerable computer skills? Please use this time to compile security procedures & teach your family how their devices/money works. If not, it might be easy to control them w/technology after the virus measures normalize.

if anyone was wondering what ive been up to

This screenshot basically describes my 2020 experience so far.

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These are my favorite moments from the SmackDown they filmed without an audience

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