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Christopher Tolkien, third son of J.R.R. Tolkien and editor of much of his posthumous work, including The Silmarillion, has died at age 95. Thank you for bringing your father’s vision to life through your work. Rest in peace.

Doctor Bitcoin goes to . At NerdVana cafe, at @gearbox@twitter.com.

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Superman murders cigarette salesman

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I don’t care what bullshit lies the politicians are spewing this morning.

I care about building a world where they can’t use my money to pay for it.

- Buy
- Take it off exchanges ()
- Work up to running a full node

Winter is good at least for being able to bring the hats out.

Statism is a hell of a drug.
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Santa, his reindeer and all of the presents have been cleared by CBP for entry into the United States! @NoradSanta

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Let me spell out what's happening. If you spend pre-August 1, 2017 p2sh UTXOs on BTC, anyone on BSV can just take them after their next BSV hard fork.

I'm starting to see why they split in the first place. It's to steal unclaimed BSV.

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WB Movies: "We don't know how to make Superman work in the modern age"


Talking about politics is not a real job. It's like talking about sportsball... fun work if you can get it, but if you're having attacks of conscious about jabbering on about pointless stuff like sports or politics, it's time to pick up a trade.

I've referred edie out to corporate clients before who really appreciated her work and execution. Give her a look-see!
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commissions post :)

hi, edie here! i’m a freelance illustrator from brooklyn who’s down to make cover art, posters, portraits, tattoo designs, and any type of art for you. i love kitsch, excess, and absolute chaos.

DM me and i’d love to work together <3

Eggs, potatoes, avocados and cheese on a lo carb tortilla ala @ajirs2001.

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