After years of selling bitcoin OTC for almost 10 years, I'm effectively de-banked. I've been kicked off over 50 banks and payment platforms.

Weird flex, I know.

Being de-banked, it puts it in clear perspective how necessary blockchain and crypto are for the less privileged in society.

That's why when I see a situation like this, I know that establishment narratives are actively harming the disenfranchised.

This is a friend of mine that is trans, single and an artist that does niche commissions. They were scammed via the @indeed job board for a month's pay, and are facing homelessness as a result.


I'd love to help out, but I know from previous experience that anti-NFT people, even those I've helped with thousands of dollars of commissions and merch sales, are likely to block me just for asking if they have a crypto wallet (it's happened four times in 2021).

There's going to be a lot of suffering in society that those like me are fortunate enough to fix, but because of anti-NFT propaganda, will not be able to.

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