A LOT of my friends follow this guy.

Everything he's saying is out-of-context, historically. His argument giving up your freedom will make you free.

It's Orwellian NewSpeak.

This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not be fooled.
RT @davetroy
Yesterday I outlined the fact that Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Putin, and oil/gas interests are seeking to replace the dollar as the reserve currency and undermine the US and EU administrative s…

It really seems like there's a new class of influencer grifter out there... concern trolls who want to "protect you" from managing your own financial decisions.

Funny how they always seem to side with entrenched power structures.


I'm going to try to write about this at greater length for today's newsletter.

The more I re-read this twitter thread, the more obvious it is to me that Dave is a a grifter-apologist for entrenched interests. The bad faith arguments and twists of logic in this thread... 🤯

I thought I came up with something when I used the word griftfluencer in this editorial, but ...

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