This is what I mean when I said the Feds intentionally mislead the press. It now being published in the NYT will convince so many normies of this non fact.
RT @nic__carter
NYT publishing literal fake news


If they aren't intentionality misleading the press, why aren't they out there proactively correcting this error?

Physics dictates that this is impossible, yet the let the lie proliferate.

@rizzn seems to me like the implication is that a password was hacked, not the private key, which seems possible if they had access to an encrypted private key from data stored on someone's computer.

Not that I expect normal people to understand the difference.

@jcbrand When you look at it in the context of the original announcement and coverage and what the hacker group itself admitted, the FBI was intimating that they used some backdoor to get the private key.

The truth is that (from the hacker group's admission) they kept the non-custodial wallets and the command control units in a US-based cloud VPS.

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