Jackson Palmer makes the same mistake many privileged Silicon Valley types make about crypto. In their bubble, they ignore the disenfranchised.

Ask deplatformed, de-banked and undocumented ppl what it would be like if they could use modern banking again.



I suppose I could go point by point and debunk his positions (it wouldn't be hard), but there are several other folks doing that today, linked in the Techmeme thread and elsewhere in CT.

I'm just struck by the tone-deafness of it all; a crypto-spring is sweeping Central and South America right now in the spirit of liberty, and he calls it a tool of the wealthy tax dodgers, malevolent politicos and cheats.

I will say that I *do* believe that blockchain is an inherently political technology, but it isn't a "right wing conservative" technology, like @ummjackson believes.


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