New Issue: What are Stablecoins?

For many of you, this may seem like an elementary concept, but there are important key concepts behind their creation that should influence how and why you use them.

Also, from the newsbrief in this issue:
- @ewarren calls on SEC to regulate crypto exchanges.
- @BankofAmerica forms cryptocurrency research team.
- @sqcrypto signals intent to make a bitcoin hardware wallet.

Original reporting in this issue:
- @circlepay is going public in $4.5B SPAC deal.
- @Visa partners with 50 crypto platforms for merchant cryptocurrency payments.

Interesting threads from our Telegram Groupchat (
- A bit of Ransomware scifi from @SwiftOnSecurity.
- @Marketsbylili on using Bitcoin without an internet connection.

More threads:
- @theemrsmcafee updates on her late husband John.
- @FabiusMercurius on biz lesons of Ransomware.
- Teaser on what government clapback is going to look like to the crypto world.
- The spreading virus of the Bitcoin Standard.

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