New Issue! Now that it's official that El Salvadore has declared legal tender, how does one tactically use it day to day? I've been doing this for years, and I talk about my tool kit in this issue.

This is one of those issues where you'll want to see behind the paywall. My summary of tools is in the free, but I spend 2000 words detailing their usage in the paid version.

Also, links to the following in both the free and paid:

Also in this issue: @Google lifts its ban on cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet adverts. Google has lifted a three-year-old ban on cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services, reported @Cointelegraph . The updated policies will come into effect in August.


Also: @krakenfx Digital Asset Exchange launches mobile app for U.S. customers. In order to tap into more retail customers looking to bitcoin and crypto tokens, Kraken has released a mobile app for U.S. customers that will allow them to buy and sell crypto.

Also: @jack says @Square is considering a bitcoin hardware wallet. Square may be considering a hardware wallet for securely storing the cryptocurrency connected to the company’s @CashApp capability, reported @TheBlock__

Also: El Salvador seeks to become the first country to make bitcoin legal tender. El Salvador President @nayibbukele announced that he intends to propose legislation that will make legal tender in his country.

Also: @VitalikButerin says people problems slowed 2.0 rollout and not technical problems.

Also: @zcashomg grants $670,000 to the Tor Project. ZOMG, the Open Major Grants foundation for @zcash, gifted $670k to the Project for the development of a new toolkit that lets wallet devs ship Tor “built-in” on wallet releases.

Also: @nic__carter rounds up his thoughts from the Bitcoin 2021 conference. Key take-a-ways- range broadly, but he focuses on the energy debate, the great mining migration in the Far East, and the utilization of trapped energy in the form of flaring.

Finally: @CaitlinLong_ published her thoughts on the El Salvadore news. She predicts second order effects as a result, including a “knock-down drag-out fight” to backdoor it into other nations’ TradFi frameworks as a regular currency.

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