Real question: what would have a non-Trump President have done better for pandemic crisis management?

Assume that President Bartlett or someone infallible was elected, not who our real choices were.

Most of the damage has been dealt at a local and state level.


(I'm not a Trump supporter by any interpretation. I was recently asked a version of this question, and didn't have a great answer. Most of America's pandemic issues here are aggravated by but not caused by who is president, IMO. Change my mind, I guess?).

@rizzn I don't live in the US, but wilfully denying Covid when he knew about the dangers (re. Bob Woodward) and allowing its exponential rise is not a good look. I can't think of anyone worse to be president at such a time (except maybe his fanboy Bolsanaro)

@safenetwork There are many things that he's done that are awful, but from the inside looking out, I see a lot of awful decisions regarding lockdowns and masks and crisis communication at the municipal and state levels that far outweigh the national, and I'm not sure what any President could have done differently to fix that.

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