Just a PSA: I have a COVID-19 telegram channel with periodic updates designed to not panic you, but give you positive, actionable info.


It's relatively low volume, son only a few updates a day, if that. Pinned msg contains links to the important stuff.

A good action plan is the best antidote to panic.

My mission for the next little bit of my life is to provide resources that help you avoid panic and have put together a viable plan moving forward.

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To that end, today, I started compiling a list of finished or nearly finished PPE DIY projects that you can easily participate in for you or your nearest medical care facility. This includes surgical masks you can create and donate to local hospitals as well as DIY N95 masks.

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The first version of the DIY PPE list can be found here:


Future updates to that list will be found linked in the pinned bulletin in the main channel.

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Forgot to stick this on the thread.

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I'm doing a little original reporting on my COVID-19 Info channel on Telegram.

I was sent a tip from a major US health insurance provider pal of mine that an at-home/self-administered COVID test kit announcement could be coming as early as tomorrow.


How many could die in the US if COVID-19 is unchecked?

I did some data work today.

Between one and three million, by my estimates. Math on it behind the link.


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