I'm designing a new media project. I've got a pretty good vision, I think of what this thing is going to look like.

To help me put the finishing touches on it, I've got a few questions for you:

- What's the most engaging interview format you've ever read?

Most of the time in tech, my editors or publishers just wanted me to send subjects a list of questions, and then just publish it with the answers. That's uncreative and uncompelling, IMO.

- Have you read anything like that you liked? Any examples?

I read an old Vanity Fair (or maybe it was GQ) profile of Kevin Spacey before he got cancelled, and it was as much about the experience of hanging out with him as the interview. I liked that.


- What's your favorite interview podcast? What makes its style unique?

I've been pretty inspired by a few comedian podcasts, but I don't want to pigeon-hole my inspiration, since my style won't be particularly hilarious (at least not intentionally so).

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