There's so much I can say about RantRadio, my time there, what I learned from it and who I met.

I definitely enjoyed my time there. If you remember the old Mark and Darrell Show from the late 90's on, you remember RantRadio. If you remember any podcasting I did, you remember RantRadio.

If you remember streaming talk radio pre-Pandora, you remember RantRadio. If you remember's internet shows, you remember RantRadio.


If you even remember who and what whipped the llama's ass, you probably listened to a bit of RantRadio.

If it wasn't for RantRadio, I never would have created the world's first podcast hosting company, which hosted around 70% of the worlds' podcasts for the first couple years they existed.

If it wasn't for RantRadio, I would never have made the leap to tech journalism, and would not have broken Android's story in 2007, and I would not have started the first mainstream streaming video show to a tech publication at in 2008.

Without RantRadio, I never would have had the experience or interest to bring streaming video to tech. I wouldn't have invented with in 2009 at and wouldn't exist as they do today.

Without RantRadio, I wouldn't have met several of my current startups' cofounders, including and

I think that everyone who truly remembers RantRadio can agree: our vision for what it could be was never quite fully met, but all can also agree that it left an indelible mark on Internet history.

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