We've sold hundreds of Wilco Wallets in 2017. I'm looking to make some upgrades to the 2018 model.

(If you're into crypto and hardware solutions, read on)

* No one is screaming that the phablet form factor is bad, but we are getting requests for an actual phone form factor.

* We're getting requests for a secured mobile phone service option. The Wilco Wallet has sim card slots that currently sit idle in the default configuration.

* We're looking at adding more security assurances, like fingerprint unlock.

* Better integration of our tutorial content.

These are just our initial thoughts. Wilco Wallet users... what do you think?

For those who haven't seen the 1.0 version, this is what I'm talking about.

... and here's the walkthrough on the Wilco Wallet I shot a while back.

I'm itching to leak pictures of the Wilco Wallet hardware candidate we're considering for 2019. It's way different than anything else out there.

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